Distinguishing Covid-19 symptoms from the common cold and flu and how to effectively improve the immune system

People infected with Covid-19 have symptoms quite similar to people with common colds and viruses, but there are still some differences for you to distinguish these two diseases. The following article will show you how to distinguish Covid-19 symptoms from the flu, common cold and effective ways to improve the immune system.


1 Compare Covid-19 symptoms with common colds, flu, allergies

Symptom Covid-19 Common cold Flu Allergy
Fever Popular Rare No Sometimes
Dry cough Popular Medium Popular Sometimes
Shortness of breath Popular No Popular Popular
Headache Sometimes Rare Popular No
Body ache Sometimes Popular Popular No
Sore throat Sometimes Popular Popular No
Tired Sometimes Sometimes Popular Sometimes
Diarrhea Rare No Sometimes No

Have a runny nose

Rare Popular Sometimes Popular
Sneezing Rare Popular No Popular

2 Differences of symptoms of Covid-19 with flu, common cold

Common colds and flus will be easier to treat, the body will gradually recover when taking the right treatment prescribed by the doctor or without taking medicine, just need to drink enough water, get proper rest, get sick . will expire in 3 to 7 days . In particular, common flu patients often have symptoms of sneezing, runny nose, and runny nose.

Phân biệt Covid-19 với cúm thông thường

But with the flu caused by the Corona virus, COVID-19 patients usually only cough, dry cough, persistent cough and fever. Besides, this virus also degrades the respiratory system rapidly, causing pneumonia, shortness of breath , clear, taking ordinary flu medicine will not relieve the disease.

It is best when you have this sign, you should go to the hospital for examination to test and accurately determine your condition before life is in danger.

3 Effective ways to improve the immune system

Hygienic eating and drinking

Healthy eating and hygiene will limit the possibility of being infected with Covid-19. You need to abstain from eating raw or wild foods .

Some raw foods you need to avoid are: poached eggs, raw salad, rare meat. Instead, you should drink fruit juices containing vitamin C such as oranges, tangerines, lemons, … to strengthen the body's immune system.

Ăn trái cây chứa nhiều vitamin C

Exercise regularly

In addition to controlling your eating and sleeping habits, you also need to focus on exercise. Exercise is very necessary to maintain and strengthen health to prevent and control the COVID-19 epidemic . You need to maintain exercise every day with stretching exercises to become more supple, flexible, and blood circulation to limit infection .

tập thể dục đều đặn tại nhà

Because of the complicated situation of the epidemic, most gyms and fitness centers are closed, so you can flexibly adjust your own exercises at home to continue maintaining your health to improve your immune system. translate for me!

Scientific sleep

Sleep and rest at the right time to strengthen the immune system to fight disease and lower the risk of disease . Therefore, avoid staying up too late to make the organs and parts of the body work at unnecessary times and set up a scientific sleep time, ensuring enough sleep so that the body is always in the best state.

Ngủ nghỉ khoa học

Clean personal hygiene

You need to cover your nose with a tissue or your elbow when you cough, then immediately throw the tissue in a closed trash can and wash your hands with sanitizer for 20 seconds to repel bacteria.

Rửa tay với xà phòng

Sanitize items around you

You need to clean and disinfect every day the items you use often to limit catching Corona disease. These items are usually keyboards, computer mice, doorknobs, table tops , etc. Regular cleaning of items will help you eliminate as well as minimize the risk of exposure to viruses. bacteria and viruses that cause disease.

vệ sinh các đồ vật xung quanh mình

Wear a mask when going out

Đeo khẩu trang khi ra đường

Always wear a mask when going out to protect yourself and those around you, it's not mandatory it's a medical mask, you can use a regular cloth mask. Because the Corona virus is transmitted through contact with respiratory droplets (from coughing, sneezing, or talking). Therefore, wearing a mask is considered a simple but highly effective measure.

Reference: Health & Life

Above is an article to guide you how to distinguish Covid-19 symptoms from the flu, common cold and effective methods to improve the immune system. Let's consult to protect health during the epidemic season!