Eating only ripe bananas is a waste because green bananas are the “miracle” for liver health, good for cancer and diabetes.

New research from experts reveals that green bananas have numerous health benefits, including potential cancer-fighting properties.


Banana is a popular fruit in the market, from ripe bananas to green bananas. However, we often have the habit of eating ripe bananas while occasionally buying green bananas to cook some characteristic dishes like banana and bean snail, boiled green bananas…

Recently, experts have shown that eating green bananas has many health benefits. Green bananas contain resistant starch, which acts as a fiber that is slowly absorbed and not easily broken down in the intestine, so it does not rapidly increase blood sugar like other types of starch (starch in white rice, starch in ripe bananas…).

Because green bananas have a high amount of resistant starch, eating green bananas is considered better for diabetes patients and those who need to lose weight.

Moreover, resistant starch helps nourish beneficial bacteria in your gut. These bacteria are important because they convert resistant starch into a type of fatty acid called butyrate. And Butyrate is a component that can reduce the risk of developing colorectal cancer, while also beneficial for your gut.

Resistant starch in green bananas and other foods can also benefit your liver. This is the result of a study at the Shanghai People’s Hospital (China), with the participation of 200 patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, with fat accumulation in the liver. These patients ate resistant starch made from corn twice a day for 4 months. As a result, the amount of fat in the liver of the participants was 40% less than those who did not consume resistant starch.

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