Fear of gaining weight while eating meat? Try these 5 options: Low fat, high protein, and affordable.

Choosing the right type of meat to incorporate into your meals can help you maintain a healthy weight and promote overall well-being.


Fish meat

Fish meat is a type of food with lower fat and fatty acids than other types of meat. Eating fish regularly has the effect of protecting eyesight and promoting intellectual development. Not only that, it is also a food that helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Some types of fish that are good for health, easy to buy, easy to process that you can refer to are salmon, tuna… These types of fish contain many omega-3 fatty acids, which can lower blood pressure, reduce blood viscosity, protect the heart, and prevent cardiovascular disease.

Chicken breast

Chicken breast only has lean meat, no fat. This is a food that often appears in weight loss diets. Eating chicken breast regularly helps speed up the process of converting compacted fat, effectively burning excess fat in the body.

Women who want to lose weight should add chicken breast to their diet. Even athletes and gym-goers often use this dish in their meals.

Duck meat

Duck meat is a popular type of poultry meat, often appearing in family meals. This is a meat rich in protein compared to pork, which helps nourish the body and enhance immunity.

Duck meat is low in fat and rich in protein. The fatty acids in this meat have a low melting point and are easy to digest. In addition, duck meat also has a high level of nicotinic acid. This is one of the two important coenzymes that protect cardiovascular health.

Pork liver

Liver is considered the healthiest organ of a pig. Since ancient times, people have believed that “you are what you eat”, eating pork liver will bring certain benefits to cardiovascular health. Pork liver is a food that nourishes the heart, soothes nerves, and improves sleep quality.

According to traditional Eastern medicine, pork liver is a nutritious food that can be used to nourish health. It is rich in protein, calcium, iron, vitamins B, C, niacin, which help enhance the nutrition for the heart, and increase the contractility of the heart.

Pork shoulder meat

Pork contains a lot of nutrients, rich in protein and fat. Therefore, most dieters will eliminate pork from their daily diet. However, depending on the part of the pig meat, the nutritional value and fat content will vary. Even when you are on a weight loss diet, you can still eat pork. The pork shoulder meat is both tender and easy to eat, and contains low fat. 100 grams of pork shoulder meat contains about 0.06 grams of fat. This is a low and relatively safe number for health. When cooked at high temperatures, the amount of fat in pork shoulder meat will also decrease.

Note: These types of meat are basically good for health, but you also need to pay attention to how to process them appropriately. Prefer low-oil cooking methods such as steaming, boiling, and sautéing; limit the use of fried dishes.

Frequently asked questions

Fish is a fantastic source of omega-3 fatty acids, which lower blood pressure and protect your heart. It’s also great for your eyes and brain development. Salmon and tuna are excellent choices.

Chicken breast is pure lean meat with no fat. It helps speed up fat conversion and burn excess body fat. It’s a popular choice for athletes, gym-goers, and anyone looking to lose weight healthily.

Duck is a great source of protein and has a high level of nicotinic acid, which is essential for cardiovascular health. It’s also low in fat and easy to digest due to the fatty acids’ low melting point.

Pork liver is an ancient superfood, rich in protein, calcium, iron, and vitamins B and C. It’s believed to nourish the heart, soothe nerves, and improve sleep quality. Eastern medicine also touts its nutritional benefits.

Absolutely! While pork is often associated with high fat content, the shoulder cut is an exception. It’s tender, tasty, and has very low fat. 100 grams of pork shoulder meat contains only about 0.06 grams of fat, which is safe and healthy.

It’s best to use low-oil cooking methods such as steaming, boiling, or sautéing. Frying should be limited as it adds unnecessary fat and calories.

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