Getting caught in the rain should not be underestimated

When it's sunny, it rains, which is quite normal these days. No matter how thoughtful you are, how can you not avoid being caught in the rain, or a wet body, what do you usually do after that? Ignore it, it's okay to get caught in the rain. You're wrong! Don't underestimate the rain.


What are the consequences of being caught in the rain?

After getting caught in the rain, at first, you won’t feel anything but a chill down your spine. At this time, your body temperature is dropping, if you do not stabilize your body temperature in time, symptoms such as headache, runny nose, stuffy nose, cough, dry throat, both hot and cold, fatigue tired, weak limbs, unsteady standing… turn will come.

                                    Đi mưa về bạn rất dễ bị cảm lạnh
If you come back from the rain, you will catch a cold easily

When these symptoms last for a long time, they will easily lead to severe colds, vomiting, high fever, sore throat, pneumonia, diarrhea, insomnia, loss of strength, depression, and unable to stand.

What to do after getting caught in the rain?

Change into clean clothes, dry your hair and body, and pay attention to keeping your body warm so that your body temperature does not drop due to cold air. Should not continue to wear wet clothes if there is no opportunity to change into clean clothes, you should dry the old clothes to wear again.

Cooking a pot of ginger water, hot tea to drink, or eating onion porridge, will push cold air out of the body quickly, preventing colds.

                                     Nên uống trà nóng để giải cảm
Should drink hot tea to relieve cold

Once you have a cold, shaving, steaming, eating onion porridge, and drinking ginger water are methods to help the body sweat and relieve colds. In particular, after decompressing with the above methods, you should avoid the wind, because, at this time, the pores on the skin are wide open, if cold air enters again, it will be very dangerous for your health.

If after performing all of the above methods but the cold symptoms do not go away but add a fever, vomiting, or difficulty breathing, the patient should be taken immediately to the nearest medical facility for timely treatment.

“Illnesses come like falling mountains, diseases go like silk”, don’t let yourself catch a cold and then worry about yourself, when you come back from the rain, please handle it quickly, prevention is better than not getting sick. You have eliminated the hateful cold with effective prevention methods, share your experience with us!