Golden time to drink coconut water for men’s vitality and women’s ageless weight loss

Using coconut water at the right golden time is beneficial for both men and women.


According to Dr. Bui Dac Sang (Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Hanoi Oriental Medicine Association), in Traditional Medicine, coconut water has a sweet and cool taste, balanced nature, and has the ability to quench thirst, promote diuresis, cool the body, detoxify, stop bleeding, relieve natural thirst, and does not contain fat… Coconut water contains many nutrients that can treat fever, measles, diarrhea, dysentery, and stomach pain. Coconut water can be used in sterile conditions as a substitute for intravenous fluid and medicine preparation.

Coconut water also has a low calorie content, which helps reduce appetite and lose weight. Although drinking coconut water at any time of the day is good, drinking it at the right time can double the health benefits you can get.

Coconut water provides many benefits for both men and women. Drinking coconut water helps supplement magnesium, improve circulatory system efficiency, thereby improving erectile function, and improving the quality of men’s sexual life. Therefore, regularly drinking coconut water provides electrolytes to the body, helping the circulatory system work more effectively.

Coconut water also helps women become healthier, more resilient, and effectively prevents aging and many diseases.

Golden time to drink coconut water every day

Unlike other beverages, there is no best time to drink coconut water. You can enjoy it during the day and even at night, but drinking coconut water at certain golden times will definitely be very beneficial.

Drink in the early morning on an empty stomach: Lose weight, rejuvenate the skin

Drinking coconut water when you wake up is good for your health. Lauric acid in coconut water can naturally improve immunity, enhance metabolism and detoxify the body. Drinking coconut water at this time also helps maintain electrolyte balance, thus regulating blood pressure and improving bowel function.

Drinking coconut water in the morning also supports weight loss because it contains less fat. In particular, it helps women rejuvenate their skin, reduce wrinkles, and increase skin elasticity. Pregnant women drinking coconut water during this time will prevent dehydration, constipation, and reduce morning sickness and hot flashes during pregnancy.

Before or after exercise: Increase energy, prevent fatigue

Coconut water is an excellent natural sports drink that provides water to the body and boosts energy before exercise. After exercising, coconut water helps replenish lost electrolytes, helps fight fatigue and exhaustion.

Before and after meals: Support digestion, good weight loss

Drinking a cup of fresh coconut water before meals will make you feel full for a long time and thus prevent overeating, promoting weight loss. Drinking coconut water also aids digestion and prevents bloating after meals.

At the same time, maintaining regular coconut water intake also helps balance electrolytes in the body, keeps your blood pressure under control, and improves digestive functions.

Drink when feeling nauseous

When you feel nauseous, what do you usually drink? Alcohol dehydrates, leading to headaches and nausea the next morning. Coconut water helps counter both and also replenishes lost electrolytes, making you feel better. Coconut water also contains many essential nutrients such as potassium, manganese, vitamin C, calcium, and fiber, making it a very healthy and refreshing drink.


– Drinking coconut water properly means drinking it slowly, bit by bit, without adding ice and other chemicals.

– Do not drink more than 3-4 pieces per day or continuously for many days. Drinking coconut water should avoid adding sugar, ice, and other chemicals.

– Patients with diabetes, kidney disease, digestive disorders, diarrhea, menstrual pain, hemorrhoids, low blood pressure, colds… should avoid drinking coconut water as their health will be compromised.

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