How to choose and keep fresh peach blossoms for a long time during Tet, what should you pay attention to?

Displaying peach blossoms on Tet holiday is not only a custom in the North, but also the people of the South love this flower. So how to choose beautiful peach blossoms and keep them fresh for a long time, come to the following tips to know how to choose peach branches!


1 How to choose a beautiful peach tree and branch suitable for the house

First, in order to choose the right peach tree and branch for your home , you must determine the space, the area of the house and the location of the peach branch display such as the living room, the altar … will help you choose the peach branch. harmony with the house.

When choosing to buy peach trees at the garden, you have to look at the peach tree first and choose the strong, dense canopy, many buds, rough peach root, the peach blossom will be thicker and more beautiful. In particular, peach blossoms on trees will bloom longer than flowers on cut branches, so you should choose trees with large buds to bloom on Tet.

Cách chọn cây đào đẹp chưng Tết hài hòa với nhà cửa

If you buy peach branches , the selection will be easier, you should choose branches with rounded crowns, evenly distributed branches , when the flowers bloom, they will be more beautiful. Besides, you need to choose old, hardy and dark brown ivory branches, especially avoid choosing broken peach branches that will affect the life of the branches.

Cách chọn cành đào đẹp phù hợp với không gian nội thất

2 Ways to keep peach blossoms fresh for a long time

Choosing to buy a beautiful peach branch is difficult and keeping it fresh for a long time is even more difficult, if you want to keep the tree or peach branch fresh for a long time during Tet, you should do the following things:

For the peach tree

You should water regularly but do not water too much , too wet because the peach tree likes to dry, must put the tree in an open place and keep the tree clean.

Cách giữ cây đào tươi lâu trong nhà

For the peach branch

  • Rinse the vase thoroughly and use clean water to arrange the flowers.
  • Change the water every 2-3 days and wash the peaches plugged into the water.
  • You can add a few Vitamin B1 tablets to the water to keep the peach blossoms fresh longer.
  • Place peach branches in a cool place, less wind, less sunlight .

There are a few people who often burn the stumps of peach branches to prevent the peach sap from flowing out, but this should only be done when they have experience in burning. Otherwise, you will burn for a long time, then the water circuit will be sealed, that peach branch will not be able to conduct water and will not stay fresh for long.

Cách chưng cành đào tươi lâu mùa Tết

Here are some tips to help you. Any suggestions, please comment below the article!