How to choose and use masks to help limit COVID-19 infection

Wearing a mask is one of the necessary measures to effectively prevent the COVID-19 epidemic. See the article below to know how to choose and use a mask to help limit infection and join hands to fight the epidemic!


1 Distinguish the types of masks on the market today

The popular masks on the market today are effective against different harmful agents to health.

Medical masks

Medical masks are used to protect against germs and other unwanted substances when interacting with people. They come in different styles, such as the paper-like substance that covers your mouth during flu season or those made from fabric that can be used at any time of year for allergy relief because they provide protection without feeling heavy on the skin. A nose bridge helps keep them securely attached while also providing comfort so you don’t have trouble breathing through it all day long!

Medical masks are easy to wear and provide an affordable price. They can only be used once, but they’re far more valuable than their cost would suggest! If you live in close proximity with someone who has COVID-19 or if your symptoms indicate that this virus may have infected them somehow – don’t forget about those near us; protect yourself by wearing a medical face covering when around these individuals until we learn more information on how best practice preventative measures should go forward

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Paper masks

Paper masks can be purchased at any convenience store for a low price, but they offer no protection against COVID-19. These disposable items are meant to filter out coarse dust and should not replace medical or surgical face masks since their design does not include an anti-airborne or layer that would otherwise help keep harmful particles away from your lungs when you’re outside during bad weather conditions such as rainstorms where there’s more potential exposure risk due less surface area available versus larger overhead areas found inside buildings with ceilings high enough off ground level so water doesn’t pool below its feet

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Cloth masks

The cloth mask is a simple garment that can be worn to protect against toxic gases. The fabric used for these masks varies, but they all include an ear strap and usually, some type of filtering system in order to keep particles from entering your airways when you’re exposed at work or elsewhere – this includes things like smoke inhalation because it doesn’t just cover up what’s happening outside; gasoline fumes will get trapped inside if there aren’t any windows nearby where those oily droplets could bounce onto something before reaching us
and oil spills do a similar thing happen to coal miners who often spend too much time underground without enough

We know that the best way to protect our community members from getting sick is by practicing good hygiene. For those who cannot buy medical masks, we recommend wearing a cloth mask and cleaning it after each use so you don’t transmit any infections at home or workplace!

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N95 mask

N95 respirator has a face-hugging design and helps filter air particles effectively, used once.

The N95 mask is a great way to keep from getting sick when around dust. They’re designed with the ability to filter out 95% of particles as small as 0.3 microns thanks not only do they have thick filters but also ones that are impermeable for splashes outside, meaning you’ll get less congestion than usual! The product hugs your face because there’s an iron piece pressing down on either side near bridgework where noses should go so it won’t slip off during use – which makes this type perfect if Pierre or Rosa has allergies too since we all know how bad those perennial pollens can be at times

An N95 mask is a useful tool for preventing contact with patients who may be infected by viruses and bacteria that cause respiratory diseases. These infections include SARS, influenza A/H1N1, H5N1, or tuberculosis. At the beginning of COVID -19 pandemic, many healthcare workers wore this type of protective gear but now it’s considered more important than ever before because you can breathe through your mouth while wearing one!

N95 is considered the best mask today in terms of disease prevention, but it is quite expensive.

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Pitta mask

The pitta masks have a stylish design, open up both cheeks, and are very light. These types of mask are more effective against sunlight than medical ones because it does not cover as much area which helps protect you from the sun’s harmful rays as well as pollen grains or coarse dust that can get trapped under your nose due to their wide opening size, but they’re not good at preventing fine airborne particles such viruses- so if there was ever an occasion where wearing one would come in handy for those purposes I recommend going with something else!

Pitta masks are a great choice for all types of people, even those with allergies! The comfortability and easy cleaning make it an excellent option that will not cause pain or irritation.
In addition to being comfortable enough so as not to be painful when wearing the mask  -especially if you have sensitive skin-, pitta also offers high levels of dust resistance which prevents any sneezing from happening inside your house while doing renovations on projects around outdoors where there’s plenty going on al work ahead waiting just below surface level

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Air filter mask

This mask is lightweight, comfortable, and efficient! The external breathing valve design means that you can breathe easily knowing no air will leak around your nose or chin. This product has been tested for up to 99% efficiency in filtering particles out of the atmosphere before they enter our respiratory system with its filters working on both sides – one side being placed close to where we exhale while another sits just below where inhaling happens so there isn’t much distance between them at all which makes this thing really do their job well

With the invention of air filters, people now have access to fresh and reusable breaths that are free from harmful particles. The only downside is their high cost which makes them out-compete other types for certain applications but where clean airflow matters most such as in hospitals or industrial settings where there’s constant use by many individuals working at once around large equipment.

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Removes up to 99% of PM2.5 fine dust, pollen, allergens, bacteria, viruses

Gas mask

Respirators are not aesthetically pleasing, used in environments with relatively high concentrations of pollution or in emergencies.

This mask is resistant to all agents harmful to health, including toxic gases. The product ensures safety for users’ health, especially in environments with gas contamination, in fires. However, it is difficult to use, and quite difficult to breathe, so it takes time to practice to use and the price is also very high.

Gas masks are indispensable protective equipment for workers working in mines, chemical factories, firefighters, etc.

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2 Which mask should be used in the situation of COVID-19 epidemic?

You can use any type of mask, from medical masks to other smart masks. You can even use a mask made from layered paper or a fabric mask. It is important that the mask helps prevent droplets from other people from entering our nose or mouth, not the virus, because no mask, including medical masks, can prevent the virus.

Medical masks are only disposable to prevent large particles of dust or crystals from entering the mouth and nose, With low prices and ease to use, this is the best choice. Besides, in addition to using masks, you should follow the 5K message of the Ministry of Health: Masks – Disinfection – Distance – Do not gather – Medical declaration for the best disease prevention.

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3 Instructions on how to wear a mask properly according to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health

Wearing a mask is very effective in preventing respiratory diseases, reducing the risk of being affected by environmental pollution, and dust, and preventing many other diseases such as flu.

Đeo khẩu trang như thế nào là đúng?

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But it should be noted, that everyone needs to wear masks properly, cover their noses and remember the principle that masks are only used once, then can use measures such as washing with antibacterial soap, and drying. When going out in public places, when returning home, they need to wash their hands, change clothes, and bathe to maintain general hygiene.

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Hopefully, the above article will help you know how to choose and use a mask to help limit COVID-19 infection. Let’s join hands to fight the epidemic!