How to cool the house, cool the body on a hot summer day

Climate change has significantly affected the temperature in our country today. In winter, it is still hot and less cold, in summer, the temperature is high, the sun is hot and muggy, making you extremely uncomfortable. So how do you deal with extreme weather conditions and erratic changes like today.


Climate change has significantly affected the temperature in our country today. In winter, it is still hot and less cold, in summer, the temperature is high, the sun is hot and muggy, making you extremely uncomfortable. So how do you deal with extreme weather conditions and erratic changes like today.

If your family does not have the economic conditions to install an air conditioner to help reduce heat, you can apply some of the following natural methods to cool your body and cool your house: on these hot summer days!

I. Body cooling method

1. Sleep cooling

Làm mát giấc ngủ

During the summer days, due to the high temperature that makes the temperature hot and makes you very uncomfortable to be able to fall asleep, you can apply some of the following ways to help you feel more comfortable. better while sleeping.

  • Put a fan in the bedroom : This is definitely a necessity every summer. A fan, turned on in spin mode can help you dispel the heat of summer. If you like, you can also open the window and put a fan on the window, it also helps you draw cool air from outside to make your room cooler. Note: placing the fan on the window should only be left at night to cool, and if left in the daytime, the fan will suck the heat into the room, making the room hotter.
  • Using a water mattress : In the past few years, more and more people have chosen to use water cushions in their family's summer to relieve the heat. The water mattress is no different from a normal air mattress, but the water cushion contains water inside, which has a very effective heat dissipation effect.
  • Put the pillow in the refrigerator : About 1-2 hours before going to bed, you want your pillow to be cool and comfortable, you can put the pillow in a zip bag, then lock it and put it in the fridge. Freeze the refrigerator so you can have a pillow that gives off heat all night without worrying about heat.
  • Use pillowcases and blankets made of silk or chiffon: Because these materials are cool and soft in the summer, they make you feel cooler when you sleep.
  • Vision also affects how we feel: If you come home from work and find your blankets and pillows messy, it is also the reason why you feel hotter. So if the weather is too hot, you can put blankets and pillows in the closet and take them out when you go to sleep to make the room feel airy.

2. Give your body a lot of water

Cung cấp cho cơ thể thật nhiều nước

In the summer, we sweat more than usual, making you always feel dehydrated and dehydrated in the body, so providing enough water will help your body stay cooler.

  • Daily you must provide the body with enough 2 liters equivalent to 8 cups of water per day, besides you can add oranges, lemons, mint leaves… To add vitamins to the body.
  • Equip yourself with a water spray or mineral spray to help your body cool down instantly when going out in the sun.
  • Use a headband or towel dipped in water and placed on the forehead to help lower body temperature.
  • Using a misting fan: This is probably a pretty good method for every family, the mist fan not only cools, but the steam emitted makes you feel like you are spraying steam on your skin to cool instantly.
  • Run cold water on your wrist for about 10 seconds. This will help lower the body temperature by about an hour
  • Soak your feet in a bucket of cold water: The body radiates heat from the hands, feet, face, and ears, so cooling any of these will help cool down the body.
  • Fill the bathtub with water, then soak in that cool water, after your body gradually gets used to the water temperature in the tub, you empty the water in the tub and add new water to cool the body. This way will make your family very water consuming, please consider.
  • Go swimming at the beach: This is the best way to cool off in the summer. In the summer, most families take trips to avoid the heat.

3. Outfits suitable for summer

Trang phục phù hợp với mùa hè

Clothing also helps you somewhat reduce the heat of summer. Here are some ways to choose the clothes you should apply to wear in the summer.

  • To cope with the hot sun of summer weather, clothes that create a cool feeling and bring comfort to the wearer are always the first choice for women. Two tones of blue and white are the colors that are preferred by women.
  • On summer days, the amount of sweat secreted is more than on winter days, so you should choose for yourself clothes made of good and natural sweat-absorbing materials (cotton, silk, linen) instead of clothes. Materials such as nylon, artificial fibers will cause gas in the body, making you more uncomfortable.
  • When going out on the street, you should cover your body with a hat, mask, glasses and sunscreen to avoid the sun. Because in fact, when going out, we protect our body carefully not only to avoid harmful effects from UVA and UVB rays but also to help your body temperature feel cooler and more comfortable.

4. Change your diet to suit the weather

Thay đổi chế độ ăn uống phù hợp với thời tiết

In the hot summer days, we often feel tired, lose our appetite and the body is always in a state of lack of water, making the body tired and at risk of disease. So in the summer you need to increase the supply of carbohydrates and B vitamins such as rice, meat, eggs, milk… full. Do not eat a lot of foods rich in fat, but do not limit it too much because fat helps dissolve vitamin A, preventing the body from vitamin A deficiency , leading to dry eyes and dry skin.

5. Should sleep downstairs of the house

Nên ngủ tầng dưới của ngôi nhà

In the summer, we will think that the higher the house is, the cooler it is to stay away from the ground. But in fact this is not true at all. In the summer, hot air always rises, pushing cold air down. If your house is a five-story house, surely the basement and first floor are the coolest places in the house, so in the summer you should sleep on the lower floor and lie on the floor, you will feel the cool air of the house. summer.

II. How to cool the house

1. Always pull the curtains

Luôn kéo rèm cửa

According to scientific researchers, 30% of unwanted heat comes from windows. Therefore, closing the curtains during the day will help you prevent the amount of heat from the outside from radiating into the side of the room. To block out the best sunlight, you should choose dark colored curtains to avoid heat radiation. With this simple way has helped you save money on your family's electricity bill a lot, please apply it.

2. It's not always good if the window is closed

Cửa sổ lúc nào đóng cũng chưa chắc đã tốt

If you close the door during the day to avoid the sun, in the evening, open all the windows so that you can catch the cool natural breeze from outside blowing into the house. Which air flow will help your room become cool and the air will be circulated, free from suffocation and bad smell of the room. This not only helps to get a natural source of cool air, but also helps the air in the room have more oxygen and reduces the feeling of heat.

3. Use a ceiling fan to cool the whole room

Sử dụng quạt trần để làm mát cho toàn căn phòng

Instead of using a tree fan or a wall fan, you should install a ceiling fan. Ceiling fans help distribute the air evenly throughout the room.

A good tip for you in the summer when using a ceiling fan is that you should install the ceiling fan to rotate in a counterclockwise direction, creating a light breeze, when standing under the fan you will feel the cold wind directly down. body, cold air is concentrated and not diluted throughout the room.

4. DIY mini air conditioner

Tự chế máy điều hòa không khí mini

If your family does not have an air conditioner, the sweltering air makes you extremely uncomfortable, then apply the following way to create an air conditioner for your family. You put ice in a metal bowl, then add a few grains of salt and place it in front of the fan's airflow and you've got a stream of cool air emanating from that ice bowl, it's that simple. none.

5. Minimize the amount of heat emitted in the house

Giảm thiểu tối đa lượng nhiệt tỏa ra trong nhà

On hot days, you should limit the use of the stove or oven to cook, instead use the microwave to help cook food quickly without creating too much heat for the room. Incandescent bulbs also give off a lot of heat, so switching to compact fluorescent or LED light bulbs with white light will make your eyes feel cooler and also help you reduce your electricity bill. . If the TV and computer are used for too long, they should also be turned off to reduce the heat for the machine and the room, both protecting the machine and being good for the room.

6. Planting trees in the house

Trồng cây xanh trong nhà

In the summer, to make the indoor air feel more comfortable, you can put a few more potted plants in the house, or plant a bunch of climbing plants around the outside to help prevent sunlight from hitting the walls. Not only that, trees also provide oxygen, prevent dust and filter the air very well, so the air in the house if there are green trees will be very airy and pleasant.

7. Insulate the house

Cách nhiệt ngôi nhà

If the house you live in is often exposed to direct sunlight, you should install an insulation system in the windows and attic. It will make your house much cooler.

Have fun and good health this summer!