How to deal with eyestrain, dry eyes caused by looking at the phone and computer screen for a long time

When you use your phone or desktop computer, laptop continuously for many hours will make your eyes work too hard. The most obvious manifestation of eye overload is eye strain, temporary blurred vision, and a feeling of dryness in the eyes. Let's go through the following article with Dien May Xanh to know how to deal with eyestrain, dry eyes caused by looking at phone and computer screens for a long time.


1 20-20-20 rule to reduce eye strain

The 20-20-20 rule here means that every 20 minutes you look at your computer or phone screen, spend at least 20 seconds looking at a point about 20 feet away . In addition, you can also look out the window or look at the scenery of trees and roads around so that your eye muscles are regulated and more relaxed.

In addition, in the middle of a long working day, you should spend about 10-15 minutes to rest your eyes, gently massage the area around your eyes, to help your eyes relax, not to be excessively leading to refractive diseases.

In addition, you should maintain an appropriate distance from phone and computer screens, keeping them more than 50 cm away. If you still experience dry eye symptoms, blink more often to moisten the tear film of your eyes, preventing dry eyes.

Nguyên tắc 20-20-20 giảm hội chứng mỏi mắt

2 Sit in the right posture

The correct sitting posture according to the standard is that the right eye is 50 – 60 cm from the screen, the center of the screen is 10 – 20 cm lower than the eye, and you should sit so that your hands are parallel to the floor, your feet are perpendicular to the ground. , keep your back straight and your shoulders balanced.

The correct sitting posture not only helps you adjust the spine without curvature, but it also helps your eyes keep the best distance from the screen, ensuring your eyes are always healthy, without dry or tired eyes.

Ngồi đúng tư thế

3 Use the computer where there is reasonable light

Light is also an extremely important factor, affecting your health and eyes. Therefore, you need to adjust the computer light to suit each different condition.

For example, in the evening you need to adjust the light not too dark but not too bright, place the device in a place where the light cannot reflect on the screen. Thus, your eyes will be optimally protected, avoiding dry eyes and refractive errors.

Sử dụng máy tính nơi có ánh sáng hợp lý

4 Adjust the display parameters on the phone, computer

You should adjust the font and font size so that the eyes are most comfortable and comfortable, avoiding the situation that the text is too small, causing your eyes to have to concentrate very hard to see, making your eyes dry, tired or causing damage to your eyes. eye refractive errors. As recommended, you should adjust the size to 3 times the smallest font size and choose black text on a white background or bold text on a light background for best readability.

Điều chỉnh thông số hiển thị máy tính

5 Supplementing vitamins and using eye drops

Supplementing vitamins for the eyes is also an extremely important thing, helping the eyes not to be tired and dry. Therefore, you should supplement vitamins A, E, B2, … through green vegetables, salmon, tubers, … in your meals.

Besides, to maintain healthy eyes, you should also use more eye drops to limit dry eyes and eyestrain!

Bổ sung vitamin và sử dụng thuốc nhỏ mắt

Digital eye strain will not cause any chronic eye disease. However, you also need to prevent and treat promptly when encountered. Please share with Dien May XANH when you apply the above tips and see results!