How to defrost breast milk quickly and problems when defrosting breast milk

The role of breast milk for babies cannot be denied. However, if the mother does not thaw properly, the milk will lose its inherent nutrition and is not safe for the baby to use. So, let's see with Dien May XANH how to quickly and safely defrost breast milk for your baby through the following article!


1 How to defrost breast milk in the freezer

When you store breast milk in the freezer, you have 3 common ways to defrost it:

  • Method 1: The mother puts the milk from the freezer to the cooler to defrost 1 day before the baby needs to use it.
  • Method 2: The mother can also put the milk in a basin of cold water or put the milk bag under cold water until the milk is completely liquid.
  • Method 3: If your home uses a milk warmer with defrost mode, you can defrost it quickly with a milk warmer.

When defrosting breast milk, you need to keep in mind the following 3 principles to ensure the quality of milk and not affect the baby's digestive system when used:

  • Do not defrost milk at room temperature: Milk from the freezer that has been thawed at room temperature can make it easier for bacteria to enter the milk.
  • Do not change the temperature suddenly: Sudden changes in temperature can destroy some nutrients in milk.
  • Do not shake the defrosting bottle vigorously: Vigorous shaking of the bottle can cause the loss of antibodies in the milk, in addition to breaking the molecular bonds of the milk, losing its inherent nutritional value.

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milk defrost mode

How to defrost breast milk quickly

How to defrost breast milk manually

As mentioned above, you can bring the milk in the freezer to the cooler 24 hours before so that the milk can return to liquid form before it is warmed for your baby to use.

Alternatively, to defrost milk with cold water, follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Prepare a bowl of ice cold water.
  • Step 2: Remove the milk bag from the freezer and immediately immerse it in a bowl of ice cold water. Alternatively, you can directly pour cold water into the bag of milk to be defrosted.
  • Step 3: When the milk is completely liquid, gently shake the oyster milk to mix well.
  • Step 4: Proceed to warm the milk for the baby to drink.

Defrosting milk this way often takes a long time, if you need to use milk urgently, do not use this method.

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How to defrost breast milk with a bottle warmer

Defrosting with a bottle warmer is one of the most widely used methods by mothers today , because it's easy to do, saves time, and ensures the inherent nutrients of milk are preserved. Let's go through the following steps to better understand how to defrost breast milk with a bottle warmer!

  • Step 1: Put enough water into the bottle warmer. (Each type of bottle warmer will require a different level of water, you need to read the instructions carefully before using.)
  • Step 2: After placing the milk to be defrosted into the machine, select the defrost mode and press the switch button to start the machine.
  • Step 3: Normally, the milk warmer after defrosting will raise the temperature to warm the baby's milk. You just need to wait for the machine to complete the defrosting – warming cycle to be able to get milk for your baby to use.

Not all bottle warmers have a defrost mode, you need to check if the warmer you are using is suitable! If your bottle warmer doesn't have a defrost mode, it's a good idea to let the milk return to liquid form before you warm it up.

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3 How long does thawed breast milk last?

According to the recommendations of the US Department of Health and Human Services , breast milk after thawing should only be used within a certain period of time. After this golden period, you should not use it for your baby because the milk may be spoiled or no longer ensure enough nutrients for the baby, specifically:

  • Thaw milk in the refrigerator: Use within 24 hours .
  • After thawing and leaving the milk at room temperature: Use within 1-2 hours .

The shelf life is counted from when breast milk is completely thawed , not from when you take it out of the /freezer compartment.

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4 Notes when defrosting breast milk

After thawing milk, you may experience one of the common problems below. Please refer to it for more knowledge, to avoid confusion in the process of defrosting your baby's milk!

Thawed breast milk has white residue

When thawing breast milk, it is normal to see white residue, you do not need to worry. The cause of this phenomenon is that the mother lacks water, drinking less water, so the breast milk is thick and difficult to dissolve. To overcome this situation, mothers just need to eat scientifically, add enough water needed for the body.

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Thawed breast milk smells

If the milk smells soapy , you have nothing to worry about. In breast milk contains an enzyme called Lipase , the high content of lipase enzyme in milk can produce this smell, you can rest assured because it does not harm the health of the baby when used.

In addition, if the milk has a sour, unpleasant odor , the milk may have been spoiled. In this case, you should throw away the smelly milk, it should not be used for the baby.

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Above is an article that provides information on how to quickly and safely defrost breast milk for your baby. Hope the above article helps you! If you have any questions, please leave a comment below so we can answer them!