How to distinguish fake and real medical masks you need to know

The complicated development of the COVID-19 epidemic has resulted in an increase in the demand for masks, causing people to fear that masks are fake and of poor quality. Let's learn with Dien May XANH how to distinguish real and fake medical masks to ensure safety when using!


1 Actual situation of counterfeiting of medical masks

In recent times, COVID-19 has seriously affected global health, making medical masks the most sought-after and purchased by people. Therefore, many businesses have increased the selling price, even importing fake, imitation and poor quality masks for sale.

Thực trạng về việc làm nhái các loại khẩu trang y tế

2 Harm of wearing fake medical masks of poor quality.

Masks are objects direct contact with the skin of the face as well as the respiratory tract of humans. Therefore, wearing a fake medical mask of poor quality causes unpredictable consequences.

Fake medical masks often use cheap materials such as cotton, cloth, filter layer, etc., so they can cause allergies, redness of the skin of the nose and mouth. Besides, poor quality masks can also expose bacteria from the inside or worse cannot prevent pathogens , viruses, and dust from outside, making users susceptible to respiratory diseases.

Thực trạng về việc làm nhái các loại khẩu trang y tế

3 ways to distinguish real and fake masks

On the market today, there are many mask products floating, without inspection. However you can check them in the following ways.

Choose a reputable brand, quality, check the parameters

When choosing to buy masks, you should choose reputable brands , with clear shipment information, company or factory addresses, with clear quality control from the Ministry of Health. Besides, you should look carefully at the paper box for peeling, dirt or unclear ink signs.

Chọn thương hiệu uy tín, chất lượng, kiểm tra các thông số

Soak the mask in water

Please soak the mask in water to check the quality of the mask. For a real mask, it will not be waterproof, because the mask has the function of preventing droplets from both outside and inside. So poor quality masks will get wet and absorb water immediately after soaking.

Ngâm khẩu trang trong nước

See the inside of the mask

You can also check by tearing the medical mask that has been soaked in water. If the mask is real, the paper inside will be intact. As for the fake mask, the paper layer will be broken and small clumps and produce small dust particles due to the poor quality filter cloth..

Xem bên trong của chiếc khẩu trang

Cut the outermost layer of the mask

When you buy a mask, try to cut the outermost layer of the mask, then hold the two sides and pull it hard. If the mask is real, you will not be torn anyway, because their toughness is made of antibacterial fabric or paper. If the middle layer is torn, it is a fake mask, made from toilet paper or poor quality paper.

Rạch lớp ngoài cùng của khẩu trang

3 Notes when buying medical masks

To avoid buying poor quality masks, fake goods, you should pay attention to a few things:

  • Buy masks at pharmacies or large stores to ensure origin. Do not buy products that are sold along the sidewalk.
  • When buying, you should carefully check the information printed on the box including: brand, place of manufacture, ingredients, expiry date, censorship time and certificates from the Ministry of Health.
  • Should carefully check the color or intact condition of the mask box, to avoid the mask has been sold for too long.
  • Do not choose too cheap types because usually the quality is equivalent to the price of the product.

Lưu ý khi mua khẩu trang y tế

Structure commonly found inside a mask

Above is information on how to distinguish fake and real medical masks you need to know, avoid being cheated that Dien May XANH shares with you. If you have any questions, please leave information below the article for support!