How to effectively deodorize shoes in 3 notes

The condition of shoes with unpleasant odors will greatly affect your quality of life. Let's learn how to effectively deodorize shoes in 3 notes through this article!


1 Causes of bad shoes

There are many causes for your shoes to stink such as regularly wearing a pair of shoes, not wearing socks, not cleaning your feet before wearing shoes, … and the main reason is that you have preserved, cleaned and Deodorize shoes the wrong way.

Nguyên nhân giày bị hôi

2 Why shouldn’t shoes smell bad?

The smell of shoes will make you less subtle in the eyes of the opposite person, making you lack of confidence and lack of initiative in daily communication. In addition to cosmetic problems, wearing smelly shoes for a long time will cause mold on your feet to damage your health and immune system.

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3 Effective ways to deodorize shoes, fragrant in 3 notes

There are many ways to eliminate odors, giving you an effective pair of fragrant shoes. Let’s find out together!

Eliminate shoe odor with easy-to-follow tips

– Dry your shoes in the sun, heater, or air-conditioner

If the weather is good with a lot of sunshine, you should dry your shoes directly in the sun to help them dry faster and not smell. If the weather conditions are bad, you can also take advantage of the heat of the fireplace or the outdoor air-conditioner to dry your shoes.

Phơi giày dưới ánh nắng mặt trời, lò sưởi hoặc dàn nóng máy lạnh

– Put the shoes in the freezer

A rather special way to deodorize shoes is to put shoes in a glass bag and put them in the freezer compartment, then defrost in direct sunlight, somehow helping you to effectively deodorize shoes.

Cho giày vào ngăn đá tủ lạnh

– Please keep your feet clean

One of the main causes of shoe odor is that your feet are not really clean. Therefore, you should clean your feet thoroughly before putting on shoes.

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– Replace shoe insoles

Shoe insoles used for a long time will create conditions for mold bacteria to multiply, leading to bad shoes. Should use pads made of activated carbon or cotton will better absorb your feet. And don’t forget to change the insoles when necessary to effectively avoid odors.

Thay miếng lót đế giày

– Alternating shoes

Wearing only 1 pair of shoes regularly will make your shoes not “rest”, from which the smell will become heavier and more uncomfortable for you, including the opposite person. So change your shoes alternately (you need to prepare two to three pairs of shoes to replace each other), avoid the “stink” of shoes!

Đổi giày luân phiên

Deodorize shoes with simple, familiar ingredients

– Use salt to deodorize shoes

Salt is a material with high moisture absorption capacity. Therefore, you take some salt and put it in a small cloth bag or tissue, then put it in your shoes (for about 8-10 hours) will also be an effective way to dispel the smell.

Tận dụng muối để khử mùi giày

– Use shredded newspaper or tea and coffee grounds

Similar to salt, newspaper, or tea grounds, coffee is also highly hygroscopic and is commonly used to eliminate odors. The shredded newspaper you wrap and put neatly in your shoes, especially for tea or coffee, you should put it in a small bag and then put it in your shoes, the effect will be higher.

Dùng giấy báo vụn hoặc bã chè, cà phê

– Take advantage of used filter tea bags

After using tea bags, let them dry, then put two tea bags in each shoe, and leave overnight. Some substances in used tea bags will have the feature of dispelling odors extremely effectively.

Tận dụng túi trà lọc đã sử dụng

– Use water and vinegar

You can dilute water and vinegar in a ratio of 1:1, then brush this mixture on the shoe insoles and leave it for about 5 minutes, then expose it to direct sunlight to help reduce odor.

Sử dụng nước và giấm

– Deodorize shoes with orange, lemon, and grapefruit peels

Essential oils from orange, lemon, and grapefruit peels have the ability to repel insects and mosquitoes. In addition, it is also capable of eliminating odors and disinfecting extremely effectively after the shoes have been washed and dried, you can insert orange and tangerine peels into the shoes.

Khử mùi hôi giày bằng vỏ cam, chanh, bưởi

– Use baking soda

In addition to the main effect of cleaning utensils, kitchen equipment, and toilets, … baking soda also has the ability to deodorize and clean shoes. You just need to take about 2 teaspoons of baking soda and then put it inside the shoes, shake gently with your hands to spread the baking soda evenly down to the tip of the shoe, and leave it overnight.

Dùng baking soda

– Use alcohol solution

An extremely simple way to clean and disinfect shoes is to use an alcohol solution. This is a volatile solution, so the smell of shoes will disappear quickly. You just need to soak the alcohol on a cotton ball, then wipe it on the shoes, then leave the shoes overnight to get rid of the smell.

Sử dụng dung dịch cồn

– Use scented paper to absorb moisture

The moisture-proof bag helps to deodorize and absorb moisture very well. There are many types of moisture-proof bags on the market with natural flavors, ensuring the safety of your shoes. After washing and drying your shoes, you put the scented paper inside each shoe and then wear it as usual and need to change the paper every day to effectively deodorize.

Sử dụng giấy thơm hút ẩm

– Put a few drops of lavender essential oil on your shoes

Lavender is a pleasant-smelling flower that is used to scent many chemical solutions. Therefore, essential oil from lavender will be effective for removing shoe odor, you only need to put 1-2 drops of essential oil in shoes to bring unexpected results.

Nhỏ vài giọt tinh dầu oải hương vào giày

– Baby powder deodorizes shoes quite well

The talcum powder that you often use for babies is also very effective in deodorizing shoes. Sprinkle a little powder on the inside of the shoes and let it naturally, they will begin to deodorize and absorb moisture.

Phấn rôm trẻ em khử mùi giày khá tốt

– Use cat litter

You can pour unused cat litter into a small bag, then put it in your shoes and leave it overnight. Unpleasant odors will be dissipated after 1 night of use, bringing surprising results.

Dùng cát vệ sinh cho mèo

Deodorize shoes with specialized products

– Use a spray to deodorize shoes

One of the most used products is the deodorant spray for shoes. However, it should be noted to choose a spray bottle suitable for each type of shoe such as sports shoes, doll shoes, …

Dùng xịt chuyên khử mùi cho giày

– Use a shoe dryer to effectively deodorize

If you do not have much time, choosing a shoe dryer is extremely right. This machine will help you disinfect and clean your shoes in a short time and safely for your shoes, saving your time.

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Hopefully, the above information will give you useful information about 18 effective ways to deodorize shoes in 3 notes. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment below!