How to make eye contact to capture the other person's heart

Eye contact is a form of nonverbal communication capable of conveying profound content to the other person. Refer to the article below to learn the most effective way to make eye contact, help you win the hearts of the opposite people!


The importance of eye contact

Eyes are the window to the soul, it can express many thoughts and emotions of people more quickly and clearly when communicating. Looking into a friend's eyes, you can immediately feel if what they say is true, do they like me, do they have any feelings for me, etc.

Many studies show that people who regularly make eye contact with others are perceived as more understanding, warm, and trustworthy.

    Tầm quan trọng của giao tiếp bằng ánh mắt

    Eye contact creates moments where you can sense the emotions of others. It links the emotional state of two people and creates empathy, intimate bonding. That's why talking face-to-face gives you more authentic feelings, understanding and empathy than just chatting online.

    This type of communication is also the most powerful form of nonverbal communication. Therefore, in daily communication, in addition to words, eye contact plays a very important role.

    Pleasure in communication

    2 Common mistakes when making eye contact

    To make the conversation even better, you need to avoid these mistakes:

    • Avoiding the eyes of others makes you weak and lack of confidence.
    • Blinking too much when communicating makes speech unreliable.
    • Eyes that are not focused, but always looking uncertainly in another direction will show superficiality, sometimes with an element of treason.
    • The dull, lifeless eyes show stupidity and stupidity.

    Các lỗi thường gặp khi giao tiếp bằng ánh mắt

    3 tips for effective eye contact

    You should look directly at the other person when communicating, however, be careful not to stare. Instead, look around from time to time so the other person can release the tension and so can you. Do not roll your eyes constantly, or look sideways when talking to this person.

    Never wink at someone of the opposite sex, unless it's a funny gesture you make to make everyone happy. Also should not look down at the feet because pessimistic people, lack of confidence, offenders often have this gesture, so it causes bad feelings in the opposite person.

    Đặt ra những câu hỏi kích thích nàng chứng tỏ bản thân

    Whether you're talking to an elderly person or a young person, don't look at their physical flaws. Even if you don't mean it, sometimes your eyes evoke negative thoughts in their heads.

    You also shouldn't stare when asking someone for help and waiting for them to make a decision. Your unintentional gaze creates pressure on them to agree to help you. Do not watch others pick up food during a meal, as this will make them embarrassed.

    Avoid letting the other person see you cry, because you will make them very awkward, whether they are the one who makes you cry or not.

    Be humble and create a comfortable atmosphere when conversing

    The article has told you how to make effective eye contact, helping you achieve certain successes in daily communication. Good luck!