How to Pick the Most Delicious Apricots

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The distinguishing characteristic of vải thiều fruit is its size, which is slightly larger than a thumb, and its round shape, which forms in clusters. It has a dark red skin that can be peeled off to reveal a layer of white pulp. The pulp is juicy, sweet, and refreshing, with a distinct fragrance that lingers even after consumption.

In terms of appearance, vải thiều is not as visually appealing as vải lai fruit. It is smaller, approximately 70% the size of vải lai, and has a slightly round shape. Vải lai fruit, on the other hand, is larger and juicier, with a longer and narrower body and bigger seeds. However, vải thiều always has a more fragrant and sweeter taste compared to other types of vải fruits.

When selecting vải fruit, it is important to choose ones that are round, firm, and have fresh skin. The skin should also have smooth spines. The stem of the vải fruit should be small and flexible. Avoid choosing vải fruit with dry stems or dry spots on the skin, as they are more susceptible to worms.

Both fresh and dried vải fruits are delicious. When dried, the vải flesh becomes dark, sticky, and has a strong sweet taste. Many people also enjoy soaking vải fruit in alcohol for drinking.

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