How to read a mercury thermometer and measuring location for the most accurate results

Mercury thermometers are popular health care devices that help to check body temperature quickly and conveniently. However, you should be aware of how and where to measure a mercury thermometer to safely use it for accurate results!


1 How to read a mercury thermometer

Before use, it must be wiped clean to ensure that the thermometer is not contaminated. It is recommended to use a cotton ball, soak in alcohol and wipe the tip of the thermometer, that is, the metal area that will come into contact with the body when measuring.

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To obtain an accurate temperature reading, a mercury thermometer should be properly performed and the following steps should be followed:

Step 1: Hold the thermometer firmly, use your wrist force to shake the thermometer so that the temperature drops below 35 degrees Celsius.

Cầm chắc đuôi nhiệt kế, dùng lực cổ tay vẩy mạnh nhiệt kế cho xuống dưới mức 35 độ C

Step 2: Put the mercury thermometer in the measuring position and keep the mercury thermometer in that position for at least 5-7 minutes.

Cho nhiệt kế thủy ngân vào vị trí đo và giữ nguyên nhiệt kế thủy ngân ở vị trí đó ít nhất từ 5-7 phút

Step 3: Finally, you withdraw and read the results displayed on the thermometer.

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After using the thermometer, wipe the tip with a clean cloth. Better yet, you should dip the thermometer in alcohol and clean it carefully, then put the thermometer in the box for storage.

2 Measurement locations for the most accurate results

Some of the ways you can use a mercury thermometer on your body are as follows:

Rectal (anus): A thermometer in this area can give the most accurate body temperature, often used for babies and young children.

Đo nhiệt độ ở trực tràng (hậu môn)

Underarm: Taking a temperature by clipping a mercury thermometer to the armpit is the most common way. This way gives a lower result from 0.5 – 1.5 degrees C.

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Sublingual: Usually used by adults and adolescents. Usually results are 0.3 – 0.8 degrees Celsius lower than rectal measurements.

Đo nhiệt độ bằng cách kẹp nhiệt kế thủy ngân vào lưỡi

After determining the body area you want to measure, place the thermometer tip there and wait for about 5-7 minutes , the time it takes for the mercury column to rise and determine the correct temperature. The thermometer should not be moved during the waiting period as this may distort the results.

Sau khi xác định được vùng cơ thể mà bạn muốn đo, đặt đầu nhiệt kế tại đó và chờ trong khoảng 5 – 7 phút

When your body exceeds 37 degrees Celsius, you may have a fever, when the temperature is higher than 39 degrees Celsius, you should see a doctor immediately.

3 Some notes when the mercury thermometer is broken

  • Do not use types because it will make mercury easily fly into the air and increase exposure.
  • Do not use a broom to sweep the mercury, as it will break the mercury into even smaller droplets. Buy good matcha powder Also known as sulfur, sprinkle on the place where the mercury falls and then brush it carefully, then the brimstone helps limit the evaporation of mercury.
  • Especially do not pour mercury down the drain , because mercury is a poison that can damage plumbing and contaminate water sources.
  • If clothing is contaminated with mercury, it should be kept separate from other clothing to limit the spread of mercury. Stepping on or touching the mercury with a cloth will cause the mercury to spread further.

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Mercury thermometers are quite popular tools because of their simple use and affordable prices, you should know how to use them with this thermometer to avoid mercury poisoning!