Instructions for 4 ways to make medical declarations online on phones and computers

The medical declaration is the responsibility of every Vietnamese citizen today in the face of the complicated situation of the COVID-19 epidemic. If you do not know how to make a medical declaration, please immediately refer to 4 ways to make medical declaration online on smartphones and computers that Dien May XANH will guide you right away!


1 Declare on the website Health declaration

Step 1: Access to from your device's browser.

Truy cập vào từ trình duyệt của thiết bị.

Step 2 : Select the object to make medical declaration.

Depending on the object of medical declaration, you choose 1 of 3 objects that need medical declaration as follows: Declaration of domestic movement, For people on entry and Declaration of the whole population .

Below, Dien May XANH will guide you according to the object of Declaration of the whole population .

Chọn đối tượng để thực hiện khai báo Y tế

Step 3 : Enter your phone number to receive the OTP code.

After receiving the system sent to the phone number you registered, you proceed to enter that code in the required box.

Nhập số điện thoại của bạn để nhận mã OTP

Step 4 : Fill in the required information in the Medical Declaration sheet.

You in turn declare the required information such as: Full name, ID card/CCCD/Passport, Year of birth, Gender, Nationality, Contact address in Vietnam (including Province, District/District, Ward). /Commune, House Number) , Phone and Email (if any) and then answer the questions displayed on the screen.

Điền các thông tin được yêu cầu trong bảng Khai báo Y tế

Step 5 : Enter the security code and click the Submit declaration button to complete.

Nhập mã bảo mật và nhấn nút Gửi tờ khai để hoàn tất

2 Declare on Bluezone application

Step 1 : Go to Bluezone application.

You open the Bluezone application on your phone, then click on the Medical Declaration item, then select the displayed Medical Declaration item.

Mở Bluezone, chọn Khai báo y tế

Step 2 : Proceed to declare the requested information.

You in turn declare the information required by the Ministry of Health such as: Full name, Year of birth, Gender, Nationality, Contact address, Phone, Health insurance card number (optional) and Card number ID/CCCD .

Next, you answer the questions in the form of Yes or No.

Tiến hành kê khai thông tin được yêu cầu

Step 3 : Click the Submit declaration button to complete.

Nhấn nút Gửi tờ khai để hoàn tất

3 Declare on NCOVI . application

Step 1 : Register the phone number used to receive the OTP code.

Open the NCOVI application, you start entering the phone number to receive the OTP code, press Get OTP code .

Then you proceed Enter the OTP code sent to your phone by the system and then select Confirm .

Đăng ký SĐT, nhập OTP

Step 2 : Declare the requested personal information.

You proceed to declare the required information including: Full name, Date of birth, Gender, ID number/CCCD/Passport, Nationality, Current address, Phone and click on the box “ I commit confirm this information is true declaration ”, then select OK .

Kê khai thông tin cá nhân được yêu cầu

Step 3 : Answer the questions about Risk Factor Information, then click Declare .

Chọn câu trả lời Có - Không và nhấn Khai báo

4 Declare by scanning QR code Zalo

Step 1 : Open the Zalo application and scan the QR code.

You open the Zalo application, click on the QR code scanning symbol located in the upper right of the interface. Then, you point the camera on your phone to the QR code to scan.

Mở ứng dụng Zalo và tiến hành quét mã QR

Step 2 : Proceed to declare the required information.

At this point, the screen will change the interface to the Medical Declaration, you just need to follow the instructions to fill in the required information . Finally, click the Submit declaration button to complete.

Nhập các thông tin cần thiết vào rồi nhấn Gửi tờ khai

When you make a medical declaration by scanning the QR code on Zalo, the system will automatically save your declaration information in the QR Folder. Next time, you can go to the QR Folder in Zalo, then the desired declaration, or you can click the QR scan button , Zalo will suggest if you want to use the most recent declaration within the last 24 hours or not. .

Khai báo các thông tin được yêu cầu

5 Some notes when making medical declaration

The medical declaration to support disease control is now the responsibility of every citizen throughout the territory of Vietnam.

Failure to make medical declaration according to regulations is handled how?

COVID-19 is classified as a group A infectious disease under Decision 219/QD-BYT . Therefore, people who do not make medical declarations or make false medical declarations, leading to the transmission of COVID-19 disease to others can be prosecuted for penal liability in Article 240 of the Penal Code 2015 .

Fines range from 10 to 200 million dong , or can be imprisoned for 1 – 5 years .

Không khai báo y tế theo quy định bị xử lý thế nào?

Notes on medical declaration

As Dien May XANH shared above, acts of making false medical declarations or failing to make medical declarations that cause the COVID-19 epidemic to infect others are subject to criminal responsibility or administrative penalties. Therefore, when making a medical declaration, you need:

  • Comply with the information declared is true.
  • Comply with safety measures, keep a distance while making medical declarations at crowded places such as hospitals, supermarkets, …
  • Read the required information carefully to make the declaration correctly. As for the information to determine the level of risk, you should also read the information carefully and choose the appropriate Yes or No form, to avoid incorrect declarations!

Các lưu ý khi khai báo y tế

Reference and synthesis sources: Zalo , Ministry of Health . Information was updated on 7/21/2021.

Thus, Dien May XANH has finished guiding you on 4 ways to make medical declarations online on your phone or computer. Let's take good measures to prevent the epidemic, and coordinate with the authorities to contribute to protecting the country!