Instructions on how to make your own hand sanitizer according to WHO from medical alcohol

Dry hand sanitizer is now increasingly popular because of its convenience, not needing to be rinsed with water, but also has high antiseptic properties. See the tips for making your own hand sanitizer according to WHO from medical alcohol at home below.


Nước rửa tay khô

1 Mix with medical alcohol according to WHO formula

Nguyên liệu để pha lọ dung dịch 500 ml

Preparing instruments

  • Spray bottle.
  • 500ml capacity glass jar.
  • Small funnel.

Ingredients for making 500 ml solution vial

  • Alcohol 96: 415 ml.
  • Hydrogen peroxide 3% : 20 ml.
  • Glycerin: 7.5 ml.
  • Essential oil: 2.5 ml.
  • Distilled or cooled boiled water: 55 ml.


Pour 415ml of 96-degree alcohol into a large jar.

Đổ 415ml cồn 96 vào bình to

Use the syringe to measure exactly 20ml of hydrogen peroxide. Then pour 3% hydrogen peroxide into the alcohol container .

Dùng xy lanh đo đúng 20ml nước oxy già Use the syringe to measure exactly 7.5 ml of Gylexrin and continue to add the Glycerin to the alcohol container .

Since Glycerin is very viscous, it will easily stick to the measuring cylinder, so you need to wash the cylinder with distilled or boiling water to cool it, then dry it or let it dry. before use to measure the concentration of glycerin.

Tiếp tục thêm 7,5 ml Glyxerin

Pour the remaining distilled or boiling water into the jar.

Đổ nước cất hoặc nước sôi còn lại vào bình.

Add about 2-3ml of essential oil to reduce the smell of alcohol and the solution has a pleasant fragrance. Immediately close the lid of the bottle after preparing the solution to prevent evaporation.

Cho thêm tinh dầu vào bình

Shake or stir the solution gently with a chopstick.

Lắc hoặc khuấy nhẹ dung dịch bằng đũa. Finally, extract the solution through a small bottle for convenient use.

Chiết dung dịch qua chai nhỏ để tiện mang theo sử dụng

2 Mix with tea tree oil

Tinh dầu tràm (tea tree oil)

Make a hand sanitizer with aloe vera gel and tea tree oil

Materials needed

  • 1/4 gel taken from aloe vera leaves.
  • 20 drops of tea tree oil.


  • Mix the aloe vera gel and essential oil until it becomes a well-balanced mixture.
  • Pour the solution into a spray bottle or reusable silicone tube .
  • Use the solution as needed to remove the virus from the skin of your hands.

Làm nước rửa tay khô bằng gel nha đam và tinh dầu tràm

Above is how to make your own hand sanitizer according to WHO from medical alcohol that can be done at home. Hopefully through this article you will be able to successfully make your own hand sanitizer.