Necessary documents to enjoy motorcycle insurance after a traffic accident

Compulsory car insurance is a type of compulsory insurance that every motorcycle owner needs to have when traveling. If there is an unfortunate traffic accident, you will be covered by the insurance company and compensated according to specific terms. Let's find out the necessary documents to enjoy motorbike insurance with us!


1 What is compulsory car insurance?

Civil liability insurance for motorbikes and automobiles is a type of compulsory insurance that individuals and businesses must buy according to law.

Along with the vehicle registration certificate and driver’s license, the certificate of civil liability insurance is one of the documents that you must always carry when participating in traffic.

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The main purpose of this insurance product is to overcome the consequences of an accident for the victim and ensure the responsibility of the driver when participating in road traffic.

2 Benefits of buying motorcycle insurance

When you buy motorcycle insurance, in the unfortunate event that an accident occurs on the road, the insurance is a third party that will be responsible for compensating you for the damage.

When buying a comprehensive insurance package for motorbikes, we will be compensated in the following cases:

  • If the vehicle is damaged or cannot be repaired due to circumstances beyond the control of the owner such as fire, explosion, etc. full compensation.
  • The insurance company will compensate for any bodily and property damage to a third party caused by our vehicle’s accident.
  • The insurance company supports to compensate for any damage to the body and occupants of the vehicle when the vehicle is involved in an accident while participating in traffic.

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3 Necessary documents to get motorbike insurance

Lawyer Pham Thanh Tai – Director of Pham Danh Law Firm said that based on Article 14 of Circular 22 stipulating rules, terms, fee schedule, and civil liability level of motor vehicle owners, “enterprises The insurance company is responsible for coordinating with motor vehicle owners, damage sufferers, police agencies and other relevant organizations and individuals to collect documents related to traffic accidents to prepare compensation records. Consists of:

– Documents related to the vehicle, and driver (copy certified by the insurer after comparing with the original):

  • Vehicle registration certificate
  • Driving license
  • Identity card Passport or other identification documents of the driver
  • Insurance certificate

– Documents proving human damage (copy of medical facilities or certified copy of insurance enterprise):

  • Certificate of injury;
  • Hospital checkout;
  • Surgical certificate;
  • Medical record;
  • Death certificate (in case the victim dies)

Documents proving property damage :

  • Valid invoices and documents on repair and replacement of damaged property caused by traffic accidents (made by the vehicle owner at the facilities designated by the insurer or agreed by the insurer). insurance industry);
  • Documents prove the necessary and reasonable expenses that the car owner has spent to minimize the loss or to follow the instructions of the insurance enterprise.

– Copies of relevant documents of the competent authority on the accident (except for the case specified in Clause 5, Article 14 of Circular 22):

  • Minutes of examination of the accident scene;
  • A site map, photocopy (if any);
  • Minutes of vehicle inspection related to the accident;
  • Preliminary announcement of results of initial traffic accident investigation;
  • Other documents related to the accident (if any);

In case the competent authority does not have the documents specified in Clause 4, Article 14 of Circular 22 and the damage is estimated at less than VND 10 million, the compensation dossier must contain the following documents:

A record of accident verification between the insurance enterprise and the motor vehicle owner certified by the competent authority where the accident occurred, including the following contents:

  • Time and place of the accident.
  • Information provided by the owner of the motor vehicle or driver causing the accident, the victim or the victim’s representative, and witnesses at the accident site (if any).
  • Note: The subjects providing the information must clearly state their full name, identification number, and address.
  • Description of the accident scene and damage of the accident vehicle (enclosed with drawings and photographs).
  • The minutes of assessment to determine the cause and extent of damage are made by the insurer or the person authorized by the insurer.
  • Documents related to the accident (if any).

– In this case, it is necessary to prepare a dossier including the following documents:

  • Documents related to vehicles, and driving.
  • Documents proving human damage.
  • Documents proving property damage.
  • Copies of relevant documents of the competent authority about the accident.
  • The time limit for receiving compensation.

4 Time limit for a compensation payment of insurance enterprises

Pursuant to Clause 3, Article 15 of Circular 22 on rules, terms, fee schedule, and level of civil liability of motor vehicle owners, it is clearly stated that:

The time limit for a compensation payment of the insurance enterprise is 15 days from the date of receipt of the claim file under the responsibility of the motor vehicle owner and no more than 30 days in case the dossier must be verified.

In summary, if the above documents and papers are provided, within 15 days from the date of submission, the insurer will be paid compensation by the insurance company, in case it is necessary to verify If you file a claim, you will receive your compensation within 30 days.

Above is information about the necessary documents to enjoy motorcycle insurance after a traffic accident that we share with you. If you have any questions, please leave your information below the article.