"Night shower" is silently eating away at your health

Bathing makes the body comfortable and relaxed. But not every time bathing is good for health, especially night bathing. And there are many people who do not know about this, to better understand the consequences of night bathing, read the following article!


1 Harm of night bathing

  • Sudden death: Bathing at night will change body temperature, cause the blood to contract, leading to blood not reaching the brain, which will cause lung diseases, the worst can be a stroke, especially dangerous for those people with drunkenness, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure.

Tắm đêm gây đột tử(đột quỵ)

  • Shampooing leads to chronic headaches : Some people often shower at night and go to bed before their hair is dry. This causes the scalp to become cold, and the blood vessels are difficult to circulate, leading to chronic headaches.

Gội đầu dẫn đến đau đầu kinh niên

  • The body is infected with cold: You play sports in the evening and have a habit of bathing after the body has not dried out of sweat and the body temperature is high, at this time the pores are still open and the steam will easily penetrate, leading to you may have a cough, a fever, and a cold in your lungs.

Cơ thể bị nhiễm lạnh

2 Ideal bathing time is good for health

  • Bathing in the morning is very good for the body, you should get up early to exercise and help your body relax after bathing. Or in cases of sweating overnight, going to bed early in the morning will help eliminate all toxins on the body, supporting beautiful skin.
  • Bathing before 19:00 is the most ideal time, after a tiring day, your body will be clean, removing dirt and sweat.

Thời điểm tắm lý tưởng tốt cho sức khỏe

The 3 best solutions if you have to take a bath late at night

  • If you must shower late, you should and take a quick shower.
  • When washing your hair at night, remember to use it to dry your hair before going to bed.
  • You should not suddenly pour water on your body , but should pour your hands and feet, then pour it over the whole body, it will ensure the health of many of you.
  • You should take a bath before 23 o'clock and go to bed after 2 o'clock , if it's too late, get up early and shower the next day.
  • In addition, you can use a cold towel on your head for about 5 minutes to lower your body temperature, at this time you can sleep well without taking a late bath.
  • When you just take a shower, don't let the cold air blow directly on your body, you should switch the air conditioner on or before going to bed.

Giải pháp tốt nhất nếu bắt buộc tắm khuya

4 Answers to questions about "bathing right, bathing safe for health"

  • Bathing and washing hair in the morning is good or not?: Morning shower is very good for the body, but only suitable for those who get up early and exercise often, they should wait about 1 hour for sweat to dry. shower.

Tắm buổi sáng là điều rất tốt cho cơ thể

  • Should I shower before eating or after eating? You will be susceptible to intestinal and stomach diseases if you have a habit of bathing right after eating . Please give up this habit quickly, you should wait about 1-3 hours after eating before taking a bath.

Tắm ngay sau khi ăn

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will have a reasonable change in your life to keep good health and safety for you and your family. Any questions or comments, please comment below.