Pay Attention to Your Feet: Check for These 2 Signs for Good Health, Test Now

The signs on a woman's feet are directly related to her health and are linked to longevity.


 Women live longer than men due to this characteristic

While the average life expectancy of Vietnamese people is 73.6 years old, the life expectancy of women is 76.1 years old and that of men is 71.1 years old. In most countries, the average life expectancy of women is also higher than that of men. Experts believe that there are two main reasons for this.

The first reason is that women have a higher awareness of health protection. The second reason is that women’s bodies produce estrogen, which prevents the formation of cholesterol and can prevent the appearance of atherosclerosis. Therefore, the proportion of women with cardiovascular disease is lower than that of men. Estrogen also helps improve the immune system in women.


During menopause, as estrogen levels decrease, women also experience more health problems and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. And these signals are emitted from the feet. Feet are organs located in the lower part of the body. This is also an important place to monitor abnormalities in blood circulation. Therefore, when the body has disorders, the feet will “speak up” immediately. In healthy women with the potential for longevity, they will have two distinctive features in their feet.

Characteristics in the feet that indicate longevity and good health

Pink and healthy feet and toenails

Signals in the feet clearly indicate the functioning of blood circulation. If the feet are pink and the toenails are not pale, it indicates good blood circulation and a higher level of estrogen compared to others. On the contrary, if a woman has pale, grayish, and less elastic feet, she needs to be cautious about the attack of diseases. When the arteries in the lower limbs become atherosclerotic, the risk of blood clots is also high. Once a blood clot occurs, the color of the patient’s feet will change.


Warm feet

Cold and constantly numb feet are not good signs for health. Many people mistake this as a sign of calcium deficiency. However, this could be a sign of vascular and hormonal disorders. Conversely, if a woman’s feet remain warm after menopause, congratulations, it means that her blood circulation function is still good and her estrogen levels are sufficient.

Alert for signs in the feet

If there are signs of difficulty in movement, swollen feet, or numbness in the feet, it is advisable to go to the hospital for examination. Some women have severe foot swelling to the extent that when pressed with their fingers, a dent will appear. This type of pitting edema can occur due to heart disease, liver disease, kidney disease, etc. If you have pitting edema, it is best to go to the hospital as soon as possible to determine the cause, without delay.


Numbness in the feet is also a sign of health alert. There are many causes of numbness in the feet, commonly due to peripheral neuropathy from diabetes, herniated discs in the lower back, lower limb artery occlusion, cerebral vascular disease. If you experience numbness in your feet, you should go to the hospital in a timely manner, without delay, to avoid the condition becoming more serious.

To maintain health, women after menopause should pay attention to a healthy diet and supplement natural foods rich in estrogen such as soybeans, tofu, etc. When you notice any abnormalities in your feet, be sure to get them checked to avoid worsening conditions.

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