People who should not eat fried bánh chưng

After the Lunar New Year, fried banh chung has become a popular dish among Vietnamese families. However, there are some people who should not eat it.


Chưng cake is a traditional dish during Tet holiday. When Tet is over, most families have leftover chưng cakes, often fried for breakfast or other meals during the day.

However, the following people should not eat this dish:

People with high blood pressure

People with high blood pressure, especially the elderly, always have to follow a diet low in fat, salt, sugar… Therefore, the fried chưng cake, which contains a lot of fat, can cause increased gastric acid secretion, increasing the risk of high blood pressure.

People with a history of stomach problems

If you eat a lot of fried chưng cakes, you will feel indigestion, bloating, and discomfort. Therefore, people with stomach pain should limit their consumption to avoid recurrence of symptoms.

Overweight, obese people

If you are obese, you should not eat fried chưng cakes because this dish is very high in energy and fat. Not adhering to this can lead to uncontrolled weight gain.

People prone to acne

People with acne should eat less fried chưng cakes because this type of cake can cause internal heat, aggravating acne. In some cases, after eating fried chưng cakes, the acne may become swollen, ulcerated, and even pus-filled.

People with kidney disease

For patients with kidney disease, especially in patients with chronic kidney disease accompanied by high blood pressure, dyslipidemia, and patients with renal impairment with lipidemia, absolutely should not eat fried chưng cakes because the high fat content in the cake will worsen the condition of the disease.

How to eat fried chưng cakes properly?

Experts recommend that fried chưng cakes are delicious, but you need to follow these principles to avoid harm to your health:

Do not eat fried chưng cakes with other starchy foods such as rice, noodles, sticky rice, bread, pho… It is better to eat fried chưng cakes with fruits and vegetables rich in fiber and minerals.

The purpose of this is to prevent satiety caused by the high fat content in chưng cakes. Especially, increasing fiber content helps the body metabolize sugar from chưng cakes quickly and effectively, thereby preventing metabolic-related diseases and balancing nutrition.

To avoid weight gain, when eating a piece of fried chưng cake, reduce 1 bowl of rice compared to the usual amount. At the same time, eat more vegetables and fruits to help the process of sugar metabolism faster and prevent satiety.

Do not eat fried chưng cakes in the evening, only eat them in the morning or noon. It is best to eat no more than 1 portion of 8 pieces of fried chưng cakes per day and not consecutive consumption for 2 days.

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Frequently asked questions

While Banh Chung is a delicious traditional Vietnamese dish, it is not suitable for everyone. People with certain health conditions or dietary restrictions should avoid consuming fried Banh Chung. These include individuals with high blood pressure, diabetes, or heart disease. Additionally, those on a low-fat or weight-loss diet may want to refrain from eating fried Banh Chung due to its high fat and calorie content.

Fried Banh Chung is typically high in saturated fat and sodium, which can pose health risks. For individuals with high blood pressure, the sodium content can further elevate their blood pressure, increasing the risk of cardiovascular events. Similarly, the high fat content can adversely affect those with heart disease, raising their cholesterol levels and potentially leading to complications. For diabetics, the combination of refined carbohydrates and fat in fried Banh Chung can cause blood sugar spikes and impact their glucose control.

Yes, there are healthier alternatives to prepare Banh Chung. Instead of frying, you can try steaming or boiling it. These methods retain the traditional flavors while significantly reducing the fat and calorie content. Steamed or boiled Banh Chung is a healthier option for individuals with the aforementioned health conditions. It’s always a good idea to consult with a healthcare professional or nutritionist to determine the best dietary choices for your specific needs.

When making Banh Chung at home, you can make a few simple adjustments to create a healthier dish. First, consider using leaner cuts of pork or even substituting the pork with chicken or tofu for a lower-fat option. Reduce the amount of salt added to the glutinous rice filling, as sodium is often already present in other ingredients. Additionally, you can experiment with adding various vegetables, such as carrots or mushrooms, to boost the nutritional value of your Banh Chung.