Pocket 7 tips to collect debt gracefully, effectively, smartly and skillfully during Tet holiday

Debt collection is one of the most sensitive situations in communication, especially for "debtors" who are relatives and friends. How can my wallet not be disadvantaged but the feelings of the two sides are still intact? Let's read the following article to pocket the secret of charming and effective debt collection during Tet!


1 Gentle reminder to the debtor when meeting face-to-face

Going deeper into the real reason that a relative or friend borrows money for a long time and doesn’t pay it often will be: They forgot the debt (with a small debt) or because they are not really able to pay. What you need to do is skillfully remind and gently collect debt to stimulate the self-discipline of the debtor.

In a face-to-face meeting with that person, you can bring up another person’s debt topic with similar content to your current situation. That way the debtor will immediately realize that he has to pay you.

Nhắc nhở nhẹ nhàng con nợ khi gặp trực tiếp

2 Debt collection via social network

Virtual life on social networks like Facebook, and Zalo plays an indispensable role in every individual today. Taking advantage of this, you can post a status line alluding to being in debt (only in general, do not tag names) on the social network that both of you use, and the other person reads it and reacts automatically. However, “whispering” will promote self-payment very effectively.

Đòi nợ qua mạng xã hội

3 Presenting the difficult situation to the debtor

This “suffering” method is quite effective with good-hearted debtors who just “forget” to pay.

Instead of saying “I need some money urgently but I’m so needy right now” you can avoid saying that someone is borrowing you but not paying but you desperately need the money right now. If you are a good friend, indeed the debtor will be moved to find a way to repay you no matter how much or little.

Another way is to let out a white lie about the origin of the loan. Next, tell them you need the money back urgently and ask them to return it to you sincerely and urgently.

Trình bày hoàn cảnh khó khăn với con nợ

4 Create an opportunity to clear debt

This method can be applied to debtors who “have enough heart but not enough power”. If they are really struggling financially, what you need to do is help them find solutions to help them settle their debts.

Everyone has some useful talent or skill: if the person is a hair or nail salon owner and you need a monthly beautification, give them the opportunity to clear their debt by using the service regularly.

If the other party has an item that you want, coincidentally, the item is worth the same amount of money you lent, boldly suggest a different payment method with them. Be assured that no debtor will refuse a reasonable offer of repayment.

Tạo cơ hội để trừ nợ

5 Offer to pay bill payments

This is an effective way to collect debt for women. You can ask your debtor to go out to eat, shop and ask them to help you pay or ask for a transfer to pay for electricity and water bills through e-wallets like, Zalopay for the reason “seems like” they still owe you some money.

Most friends at this point will happily do it without being offended. If they refuse, tell them you’ve been waiting for the money and can’t afford to pay it now.

Đề nghị chi trả các khoản thanh toán trên hóa đơn

6 Thanks to e-wallets for collecting debt for you

If you and your partner are loyal customers and often transact through e-wallets, typically Momo, you can use the Ask others to transfer money feature to send a gentle message to the other party. , and at the same time pave the way for convenient debt payment transactions right on the wallet.

Or for the money that is not too big, you can use the feature when it comes to holidays and festivals, which are currently available on Momo, Zalopay, and Viettelpay e-wallets. With attractive surprise gifts when making transactions on these wallets, the opponent will be very happy to perform the debt payment operation while not being bothered by being reminded of the debt and receiving the gift simultaneously.

Nhờ các ví điện tử đòi nợ giùm

7 Speak directly to the debtor in a firm, sincere way

If you have tried all the ways, and sweet words and still don’t get your money back, then meet face-to-face or call and text to tell him directly that you don’t want your friendship to be cut off for some money. If you respect each other, please pay on time.

Nói thẳng với con nợ một cách cứng rắn, chân thành

Above are suggestions on how to open a claim to debt for a long time that has not been paid to make your Tet more prosperous!