Put face masks, food wrap, and tea in the refrigerator something unexpected will happen.

After some time of usage, refrigerators often face issues such as food odor and frost formation in the freezer compartment. But worry not! We have a simple solution for both of these problems using items that are readily available in your household - a face mask, paper towel, and tea.


Refrigerators often have issues such as food odors and the formation of ice inside the freezer compartment after a period of use. To solve these two issues, you only need to use simple items that are readily available in your home, including a face mask, tissue paper, and tea.

By placing these items in the refrigerator, you will be surprised at the results. For detailed instructions, please follow along in the article below.

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Removing ice

The freezer compartment in refrigerators is prone to frost buildup due to excess moisture, which can affect its usable space. To solve this problem, take a medical face mask, cut off one end of the mask with scissors, stuff the tissue paper inside until it becomes puffy, and then use the mask straps to tie it up. After that, place the face mask inside the freezer compartment.

The tissue paper will absorb the excess moisture in the freezer while the breathable properties of the face mask can also trap moisture and prevent it from condensing into ice.

Note: It is recommended to replace the face mask when the bag becomes wet to maintain its effectiveness.

Eliminating odors

Refrigerators contain various types of food, which can lead to distinct odors and bother many people. To eliminate odors in the refrigerator, you can utilize a medical face mask by cutting off one end, placing a handful of dried tea leaves inside, and then tying it up before placing it in the refrigerator.

The waterproof layer and activated charcoal layer combined with the dried tea have the ability to absorb moisture and eliminate odors, keeping the refrigerator dry and preventing bacterial growth, while also bringing a pleasant tea aroma.

Note: It is recommended to replace the tea bag every month for the best odor elimination results.

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