Quick Tips to Remove Food Odor from Clothes Fast

Whenever you indulge in hot pot or barbecue, it's hard to avoid the smell of food sticking to your clothes. The following tips will help you quickly get rid of the lingering odor of food on your clothes.


Every time you go out for hot pot or barbecue, it’s hard to avoid the problem of food odor sticking to your clothes. The following tips will help you quickly remove food odor from your clothes.


Vodka has a very interesting use, which is to remove food odor from clothes. You just need to put a little vodka in a spray bottle and spray it on the clothes with food odor. Hang the clothes in a breezy area to get rid of the vodka smell and the food odor.

This method works very well for woolen clothes, men’s suits, and khaki pants.

Old newspaper

Tear up old newspaper into small pieces and stuff them into pockets, inside the sleeves… of clothes that have food odor. Then, hang the clothes up overnight. The newspaper will absorb the food smell.

Spray clothes with lemon juice/white vinegar

Put 100ml of pure water and a little lemon juice into a spray bottle. Spray this mixture all over the clothes and hang them in a breezy area to air-dry. After 30 minutes, the food odor on the clothes will significantly decrease, and will completely disappear after 60 minutes. If you don’t have lemon, you can use white vinegar as a substitute.

Use sunlight and soap

Put two scented soap bars into the pockets of pants and clothes with food odor, then hang them on the balcony where there is direct sunlight. The smell on the clothes will be almost completely eliminated after 2-3 hours, and there will even be a gentle fragrance from the soap.

Use a steam iron

Hang the clothes with food odor and use a steam iron to flatten them. The high-temperature steam can penetrate into the fibers of the clothes and remove the molecules that cause unpleasant odor, leaving the clothes odorless.

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