Newspapers are a valuable source of daily information, especially for older individuals who appreciate staying up-to-date. However, once read, newspapers tend to accumulate in homes, collecting dust and making cleaning a time-consuming task.

Instead of disposing of old newspapers, they can actually serve various useful purposes in cleaning household items and storing food.

Using old newspapers to eliminate odors in the refrigerator is a simple yet effective solution. By spraying a little water on the newspapers and rolling them into balls, they can be placed in the corners of the refrigerator to absorb unpleasant smells. Additionally, lining the compartments with newspaper can help maintain a clean and fresh environment, with the newspapers being replaced weekly.

When it comes to cleaning glass and mirrors, old newspapers can be surprisingly effective. If traditional cloth wiping leaves lint on the mirror surface, using newspaper can provide excellent results. By rolling the newspaper into a ball and spraying cleaning solution on the mirror, it can be wiped clean, leaving it shiny and residue-free.

Another useful application for old newspapers is eliminating shoe odors. Athletic shoes, in particular, tend to retain unpleasant smells after being worn for extended periods. To address this issue, spraying a little moisture on newspaper, rolling it up, and placing it in the shoes can effectively absorb the odors. By removing the newspaper when wearing the shoes again, they will smell fresh and clean.

Furthermore, on rainy days, old newspapers can be used to prevent dirt from entering the house. Placing newspapers on the floor at the entrance allows muddy and wet shoes to be wiped clean, minimizing dirt and water on the floor.

In conclusion, old newspapers can be repurposed rather than disposed of, offering various benefits such as eliminating odors, cleaning glass and mirrors, eliminating shoe odors, and preventing a dirty house.