Should I install an exhaust fan for an air-conditioned room?

Using air conditioners is gradually popular in families and companies. However, many people still wonder whether to install exhaust fans for air-conditioned rooms? Please refer to the article below, Dien May XANH will share with you!


1 What is an exhaust fan?

Exhaust fans are the most commonly used ventilation equipment in homes. When this device is in operation, it will circulate air inside and outside the house , bringing cool air from the outside into the house and expelling moldy air and indoor heat to the outside. Often places where air cannot circulate on its own will use exhaust fans.

Besides, there are many different types of exhaust fans, depending on different spaces such as houses, companies, … but each type has its own characteristics to be suitable for use such as:

  • Capacity: There are mini exhaust fans, small capacity for home use, large capacity for factories, hospitals,…
  • Installation location: There are wall-mounted exhaust fans, ceiling-mounted exhaust fans, roof-mounted exhaust fans,…
  • Shape: Exhaust fans will have round, square, screened,…

Quạt hút thông gió là gì?

2 Why should we install exhaust fans in air-conditioned rooms?

Air conditioners when installed in the home are often used in closed spaces such as bedrooms, offices, etc. If the air in these areas is not circulated, it will not be able to provide enough oxygen and The moldy air flow will not be able to escape, which can affect the health of the user when staying in the room for too long.

When using an exhaust fan to help create a convection flow to circulate air inside and outside the house, your air will be changed, providing more fresh air from outside.

Therefore, according to many experts, when installing an air conditioner, there must be an exhaust fan to change the air in the room in order to provide enough oxygen for the user to protect health and prevent a lack of oxygen causing pain. headache, fatigue, dizziness,…

In addition to the ability to clean the air, installing an exhaust fan that reduces odors in the room from here will help the air conditioner reduce the capacity burden, increase the durability of the air conditioner and save electricity more effectively.

Vì sao ta nên lắp đặt quạt hút thông gió trong phòng có điều hòa

3 In addition to the exhaust fan, what should you pay attention to when turning on the air conditioner regularly?

In addition, when you regularly use the air conditioner, you should use an additional steam fan , or you can put a basin of water in the room because if the humidity in the room is too low, your skin will be dry, lack of water and easy to cause. symptoms such as headache, dizziness, etc.

Along with that, if the weather is dry, you should not leave the air conditioner in "Dry – Dry" mode, but you should leave it on "Auto – Automatic" and set the appropriate temperature to not waste electricity and protect safety. health for your family.

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Above is an article to share with you information about installing exhaust fans for air-conditioned rooms. Hope this information will be useful to you when using it!