Sleep Experts Advise: “3 Sleep Cycles Make You More Vulnerable than You Think”

In ancient times, it was believed that these 3 types of sleep were detrimental to health. However, not everyone is aware of this fact.


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Based on their own habits and life experiences, previous generations have drawn lessons and passed them on to the next generation. As successors, we need to understand and change our own way of living according to the advice of our grandparents, in order to build a healthier and more meaningful life.

Language is truly a rich and beautiful treasure, similar to the diversity of the 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam, each language is a precious cultural heritage. Today, we will talk about proverbs, traditional sayings formed from the experiences and awareness of many people over time. This contributes to the unique cultural identity for each locality.

In the current age of development, knowledge of medicine and science brings many benefits and advancements. However, it cannot be denied that there are many things we should learn from the elderly, from folk traditions. That is why we will discuss a popular proverb passed down from previous generations: “A person who sleeps 3 times a day, their life is thinner than paper.” This is an important piece of advice about health care that our ancestors valued greatly.

With the progress of society, human life is increasingly improved, and people are gradually paying more attention to maintaining their health. Those who lived before also valued this issue, especially sleep care. In practice, the 3 sleeps that they referred to are not just the 3 periods of sleep that we often mention: morning, noon, and night. Instead, they refer to 3 types of sleep: “sleeping against time,” “taking a nap,” and “drowsy sleep.”

“A person who sleeps 3 times a day, their life is thinner than paper”: This is a warning about 3 types of sleep that can threaten your health. Firstly, sleeping against time, meaning sleeping at irregular hours, can disrupt the endocrine system and affect the cell regeneration process. This habit is commonly seen in people who stay up late. Secondly, taking a nap, which makes the body become sluggish, affects work and study performance.

Drowsy sleep

In sleeping habits, many people have the habit of covering their heads with a blanket, making the air become stuffy. This can create a sense of safety and warmth, especially on cold winter days. However, sleeping in such a stuffy environment is not a good choice.

Covering the face with a blanket can restrict the flow of fresh air, reduce the amount of oxygen intake, and cause the exhaled CO2 to condense into water vapor on the blanket, making it damp. The consequences of this habit can be headaches and swollen eyes the next morning. That is why health experts often recommend not sleeping with a tightly covered face.

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In summary, sleep plays the most important role in daily life. A poor sleep can affect your mood and work performance throughout the day. Conversely, sleeping too much can lead to waking up in the middle of the night and feeling lethargic the next day. That is why it is often said that only with quality sleep can our bodies maintain good health.

Do you agree that health is the most valuable asset that we should take care of if we want to achieve more in life? Even when lying in a hospital bed, the thing people often desire the most is health. All your plans and dreams can be threatened by a health issue. Therefore, it is hoped that everyone will prioritize their health, starting by changing their sleeping habits!

Sleeping against time

This refers to the habit of sleeping without following the natural sleep cycle, disrupting the daily routine and habits. The term “night owl” is used today to describe those who stay up late to play electronic devices, eat late at night, or work.

People who adhere to the habit of sleeping against time usually sleep during the day and stay awake at night, even sleeping continuously until the afternoon. This habit can disrupt the body’s natural cell regeneration process, cause endocrine disorders, and disrupt the liver’s regular functions, potentially negatively affecting health if maintained for a long time.


Taking a nap

In fact, the habit of taking a nap is also known as “inability to wake up.” Sleeping in late can not only lead to punishment from superiors or teachers but also affect our work and study performance seriously.

Sleeping in late often results in prolonged drowsiness and fatigue throughout the day, affecting concentration and alertness. This not only reduces the quality of work and study but can also create problems with mental and physical health if maintained over a long period of time.

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