“Step-by-Step Guide: Achieving the Perfectly Filleted Fish”

Are you looking for a healthy way to feed your family fish? Look no further than clean filtered fish fillets! Not only are these fillets tasty and simple to prepare, but knowing that the fish has been filtered gives you peace of mind when feeding your kids.


When filleting fish, it is important to select fresh fish with firm flesh, clear fish eyes, and no fishy smell. Scale the fish and rinse it under running water.


To fillet the fish, hold it firmly and make a diagonal cut from the belly to the backbone. Repeat on the other side, keeping the knife close to the spine.


Turn the fish over and use the tip of the knife to cut a shallow line along the spine from head to tail.


Press your hand firmly on the fish to stabilize it and carefully slice along the fish from head to tail, close to the spine.


After flipping the fish fillet, use the tip of the knife to gently remove any remaining bones from the fish belly.


Repeat the above steps on the other side of the fish, starting from the tail and slicing towards the head.


Cut out the fillets and check for any remaining bones in the fish belly. Remove them before using the fillets for cooking.


Once the fillets are ready, you can use them to prepare various delicious dishes such as stir-fried fish or breaded fish. Removing the bones makes it safer to serve fish to children.


When removing the fish fat, which may have a strong odor, make two cuts in the shape of a “V” on each side of the fillet and lift it out.

The remaining fish bones can be used to make a flavorful vegetable soup.

There may be a brownish-red line of fish fat along the fillet, which can be removed if desired.


Make two cuts in the shape of a “V” on both sides of the fillet to remove the fish fat.


Lift the fish fat out of the fillet.


Finally, check for any remaining bones in the fish belly and remove them before using the fillets.

Filleting fish ensures that you have boneless fillets that are easy to cook with. These fillets can be used to prepare various dishes and are especially useful when serving fish to children, as it eliminates the risk of choking on bones.
We wish you success in filleting fish!
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