Tell you how to effectively prevent mold in your home

On wet days, rainstorms are suitable conditions for mold to multiply, causing discomfort and affecting the health of family members. So what to do when the house is moldy? Let Green Machine tell you how to effectively prevent mold in your home!


1 Causes of mold formation

There are many causes of mold formation, the most common are the following:

  • Influence of weather : Mainly the weather in the North. During the change of seasons, the humidity changes suddenly and increases very high. Especially when the season changes between winter and spring, it can be seen that the floor and walls of the house have just been poured with water.
  • Due to adhesives used in construction : If adhesives such as sand, lime, and cement meet with water, the rain will soak in and quickly become moldy.
  • Because the surface is not properly moisture-proof and mold-proof : It is possible that during construction, your house is not covered with a waterproof layer, to create a protective film to help the walls of the house avoid harmful agents.

Có rất nhiều nguyên nhân hình thành ẩm mốc

2 Effects of mold on health

A long-lasting moldy situation not only affects the aesthetics of the house, but also affects the health of family members. According to doctors, mold produces spores, which are as small as tiny dust particles floating in the air.

These spores will affect human health, especially respiratory diseases such as cough, pneumonia, bronchitis. In addition, other manifestations such as frequent fatigue, irritation of the eyes and throat, headache, skin become sensitive or nausea, severe respiratory infection.

If your family has many children and the elderly, the impact will be faster and stronger. Therefore, you need to get rid of mold that appears in your home as quickly as possible.

Ẩm mốc ảnh hưởng không tốt đến sức khỏe con người như bệnh về đường hô hấp

3 Ways to deal with mold in the house

How to handle mold in the house is extremely simple, you just need to follow the ways below, to effectively prevent mold in your home.

Find the source of the musty smell

First, you find the source of the musty smell by checking every nook and cranny of your home, where the musty smell is coming from. If all the rooms have a musty smell, then you should check the waterproofing of the house when it rains.

In this case, you cannot solve it yourself, but you need to find a professional to advise and possibly remodel the house. If your home only has one moldy room or a small corner, you can handle it yourself with simple tips.

Bạn hãy tìm ra nguồn gốc của mùi ẩm mốc

Open windows to increase air circulation

Opening windows is one of the simplest and effective ways to deal with mold in your home, but you have to make sure that the weather outside is sunny, dry, and rain-free. This way helps circulate air from the outside in, pushing away mold spores to the outside of the environment.

Besides, please open the gaps For wardrobe in the room, open the doors, curtains.

Bạn hãy mở cửa sổ để tăng cường lưu thông không khí

Turn on the exhaust fan, fan or dehumidifier

Turn on an exhaust fan, or – this is a quick way to dehumidify the room. Turn on the fan facing the door outside. For a dehumidifier, turn on the device for a certain period of time to answer the fresh air.

Bạn bật quạt thông gió, quạt máy hoặc máy hút ẩm

Elegant, modern design

Carry out cleaning of mold stains

When mold appears, blue or gray spots will appear on the walls and ceiling, causing unsightly beauty to your home. You can refer to the following ways to clean mold stains:

  • Using ingredients available in nature: Vinegar, coffee grounds, baking soda, lemon,…
  • Using chemicals: Soap, hydrogen peroxide, javel,…

Bạn cần tiến hành làm sạch các vết nấm mốc

Prevent by regularly cleaning the house, opening the door well

If you have reasonable disease prevention, the mold situation will not appear in the house. Please apply some of the following mold prevention:

  • Clean the house regularly, about 4-5 times/week.
  • Arrange household items logically and scientifically.
  • Open the door in the morning and afternoon to allow fresh air.
  • Use quality paints, waterproofing agents and wallpaper.

Phòng chống bằng cách thường xuyên vệ sinh nhà cửa, mở cửa thông thoáng

4 ways to prevent mold in a closed room

Moisture-proof with simple, easy-to-find ingredients

Anti-mold will be much more difficult if the room with mold is a closed room. Even if the mold can be cleaned, the unpleasant odors cannot completely disappear. However, do not worry too much, with ways to prevent moisture with simple and easy-to-find ingredients will make everything easy and ensure safety for family health.

+ Make use of coffee grounds, moisture-proof tea grounds

You put tea and coffee grounds after use into a small bag and ashes in the corner of the room. In just a few hours, you will feel the aroma from the coffee, it helps to remove the musty smell quickly.

In addition, you can put coffee and tea grounds into each small paper cup. Then, place paper cups in moldy locations. Tea and coffee grounds will absorb moisture and unpleasant odors, bring a pleasant aroma, and protect your room space, especially closed rooms.

Bạn cho bả trà, bã cà phê sau khi sử dụng vào một chiếc túi nhỏ và tro ở góc phòng

+ Eliminate odors with fresh tea leaves

Fresh tea leaves are one of the effective ways to prevent moisture from nature and are safe for users' health. You put fresh tea leaves in small bags or wrapped in newspaper.

Next, you put them in a place where there is a moldy phenomenon in the room. Tea leaves will help eliminate odors quickly, safe for family health.

Lá trà tươi là một trong những cách chống ẩm hiệu quả từ thiên nhiên

Use activated carbon to absorb moisture and eliminate odors

Activated carbon is widely used in human life, can filter the air, deodorize well, and remove harmful gases. You put activated carbon in cup or put in newspaper similar to fresh tea leaves and place in the corner of the room, where it is moldy. This way, the air will be filtered clean and effectively dehumidified.

Bạn dùng than hoạt tính hút ẩm, khử mùi hôi

+ Use vinegar to remove odors and mold

Vinegar is not only a seasoning used to taste in cuisine, but vinegar also has a moisture-proof and quick-deodorizing component. To prevent mold in your home or closed room, you just need to take a cotton towel soaked with vinegar and put it on the moldy roots, hidden corners in the house. Vinegar has reducing properties, helps to remove mold, bacteria harmful to health and brings a fresh and clean space.

Trong giấm có tính khử, giúp loại bỏ nấm mốc, vi khuẩn

+ Natural essential oils

If you want your room to be cooler, have a pleasant fragrance and resist mildew, use natural essential oils. Currently, there are many different essential oil scents on the market for you to choose from such as orange, lemon, lemongrass, lavender, …

Use it to help the essential oils spread into the air more effectively and prevent mold. At the same time, the aroma of essential oils helps you dispel any unpleasant odors, relieve stress, fatigue, and give you a deep sleep.

Để làn tỏa tinh dầu tốt và hiệu quả hơn, bạn hãy sử dụng máy xông tinh dầu

+ Use orange and tangerine peels

Oranges and tangerines are very good fruits for humans, helping to supplement resistance. The peels of oranges and tangerines have a pleasant aroma that helps fight motion sickness, especially deodorant and moisture-proof.

The way to fight moisture with orange peels is very simple, you just need to put the peels in a moldy place or nooks and crannies of the house, the smell of essential oils in citrus peels helps limit the appearance of mold.

Vỏ của cam, quýt khử mùi và chống ẩm hiệu quả

+ Fresh lemon effectively resists moisture

If you don't have oranges or tangerines at home, you can use fresh lemons to prevent moisture, especially in a closed room. Lemon is used very commonly in life both as a spice and as a drink to help purify the body.

Lemon has a mild, pleasant scent, helping to bring a comfortable and fresh space. You cut the lemon into medium pieces and put it in the corner of the room, where it is moldy. You can combine with salt to increase the effectiveness of dehumidifying and deodorizing.

Chanh tươi chống ẩm hiệu quả

+ Grain salt helps to absorb moisture quickly

Grain salt is one of the effective ways to combat moisture with simple, easy-to-find ingredients. Salt is not only used to make spices but also has the effect of dehumidifying, purifying the air extremely effectively. You spread salt in a damp, moldy place in the room or in the house. Salt will help you absorb moisture quickly, bringing a cool space for the whole family.

Muối hột là một trong những cách chống ẩm hiệu quả

Fight mold with easy-to-follow tips

In addition to preventing mold with ingredients available in nature and easy to find, you can fight mold with the following tips, which are easy to follow and extremely time-saving.

+ Clean living space

In the wet season, the weather is very humid, easy to breed mold, especially in the North, mold is inevitable. The effective way to prevent mold is to keep your living space clean, especially closed rooms such as bedrooms and bathrooms.

You must ensure that the space in the rooms is always cool and clean. You regularly clean the pillowcase about 1-2 times a week and dry it in direct sunlight.

At the same time, you also have to regularly clean the house and room with a dry rag, do not use a wet rag, because it makes the floor even more dirty, easy to cause mold. When you use a dry rag to clean the house, it helps limit mold, moisture evaporation and limit humidity in the house.

Bạn hãy thường xuyên vệ sinh không gian sống sạch sẽ

+ Regularly open windows to take advantage of natural wind

In order to limit indoor humidity, the natural outdoor space has a great influence in limiting humidity. Regularly open the window to take advantage of the natural wind flow, helping the moisture to evaporate quickly, limiting the situation of mold.

Bạn hãy thường xuyên mở cửa sổ để tận dụng luồng gió tự nhiên

+ Close the door when not using the room if the air humidity is high

If the outside air humidity is high, opening the windows will affect the indoor humidity. Please close the door to prevent high humidity from spreading into the room, especially inside night. This helps you limit moisture, preventing mold from forming.

Đóng kín cửa khi không sử dụng phòng khi độ ẩm không khí tăng cao

+ Keep carpets dry and clean

Carpets are commonly used in many households, not only to increase the aesthetic appearance but also to help your house more clean. Wash your carpets regularly to keep them dry and clean.

After washing, you should dry the carpet directly in the sun to remove odors and dry quickly. If the carpet is made of a material that cannot be washed with water, you can use baking soda sprinkled on the surface of the carpet. You wait about 15-20 minutes, you use it to suck the baking soda powder and dirt on the carpet.

Bạn cần giữ thảm trải sàn khô ráo và sạch sẽ

+ Turn on the air conditioner in dry mode

An effective and simple way to prevent moisture immediately is that you turn it on in Dry mode. This mode helps limit the humidity in the room, providing dry, cool air without causing unpleasant odors.

However, you should only turn on the air conditioner in Dry mode for about 15-20 minutes and switch to normal mode. If you leave it on for a long time, your body will feel tired and thirsty.

Bạn hãy bật điều hòa chế độ khô

+ Use a dehumidifier

In order to solve the bad smell appearing in the house or closed room, it is the perfect choice for you. The device not only helps you effectively and quickly dehumidify, but also limits the appearance of harmful bacteria.

In addition, a dehumidifier helps you filter the air, returning a dry, cool and safe space for family health.

Máy hút ẩm giúp bạn lọc sạch bầu không khí, trả lại không gian khô thoáng

Hopefully, the above article will help you have an effective way to prevent mold in your home. Any questions please leave a comment below!