The forgotten vegetable that fills a whole basket after just a quick harvest: Even the wealthy crave it nowadays

Ancient vegetables, plucked fresh from the garden or the field, offer an abundance that fills a basket. Their unforgettable taste leaves a lasting impression on the palate. Even in this modern age, the wealthy and privileged yearn for the flavors of these treasured crops.


Tập tàng is the general name for a collection of many types of vegetables such as: pennywort, spiny bitter gourd, water spinach, immortality herb, basella alba, rape leaves, betel leaf, taro leaves, pennywort, watercress, Chinese chive, trailing amaranth… The old vegetables that used to be harvested from the garden or the fields all at once in a basket, now even the wealthy are yearning for them.

The flavor of tập tàng vegetable soup is unforgettable

Simply go to the backyard or walk along the edge of the fields, corn fields, and in an instant, you will bring back a basket full of wild vegetables like: pennywort, water spinach, spider plant, Chinese boxthorn… All those mixed vegetables are washed and then cooked together in a pot, and the result is a delicious and unforgettable tập tàng vegetable soup, even though it only has a little salt, a little MSG, and for a better taste, a few softened dried shrimp or a few silver thread ténchòng shrimps, a little scallion, a little ground pepper. If you have a few river crabs, their water will make the bowl of tập tàng vegetable soup even more delicious.


To be called tập tàng vegetable soup, the soup pot must contain at least 3-4 types of vegetables, and they must all be wild vegetables growing naturally. Sometimes tập tàng vegetable soup is a combination of all those vegetables, with a few bầu leaves, squashed luffa leaves, pennywort, basella alba, or even some pumpkin flowers, morning glory flowers… The more variety of vegetables in the soup, the tastier the soup will be.

Tập tàng vegetable soup may seem simple but not everyone can cook it well. There must be a little “secret”, otherwise the soup can be too salty or too bland; sometimes the vegetables can be too strong and lose their taste. To have a delicious tập tàng vegetable soup, you need to adjust the seasoning carefully so that the soup tastes just right, without any fat or oil. When the water boils, add the vegetables to the pot and cook with a high heat to keep the vegetables fresh and vibrant.

Analyzing the nutritional composition of the tập tàng vegetables, they contain a lot of vitamins such as A, C, E, calcium, fiber… helping the body to eliminate excess fat, limit the accumulation of fat, and balance the weight for the body.

Therefore, when eating tập tàng vegetables, we unintentionally supplement the fourth group of food in the 4-square food group, which is sugar, fat, protein, minerals, fiber, and vitamins, appropriately into our diet.

How to cook delicious tập tàng vegetable soup

Tập tàng is a collection of different types of vegetables, and the cook needs to know which ones cook quickly and which ones take longer to cook in order to choose the right time to put them in the pot, so that the water and vegetables are cooked evenly and harmoniously.

Cooking method is not complicated. Wash the vegetables, drain the water. Clean the shrimp, crayfish, river crabs, peel and marinate them with fish sauce, scallion, and ground pepper to infuse the flavors.


Fry the onion until fragrant, add a little chili for color, then add the marinated shrimp and stir-fry it quickly, then add a little shrimp paste water (fermented shrimp paste soaked for a long time, take a little and put it in a bowl, pour in some water, dissolve it, strain the water, leave the dregs), pour it into the stir-frying pan for about two or three minutes, then add cold water depending on the amount of vegetables, simmer with medium heat to prevent the water from boiling too high and making the water murky.

When the water boils, add the vegetables one by one according to the softness of each vegetable: first bồ ngót, then maybe amaranth, pennywort, mồng tơi, immortality herb…

When these vegetables are almost cooked, add betel leaves, water spinach, Chinese chive… and mix gently to ensure all the vegetables are cooked evenly.

Tập tàng vegetable soup can be served hot or cold with rice, braised meat, or dipped in shrimp paste, it is very suitable for the taste, if you add a little “spiciness”, there is nothing better.

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