The Hidden Financial Risks for Pregnant Women from COVID-19 Outbreak

In a scientific study, researchers examined data from 598 hospitalized pregnant women with positive results for COVID-19. They discovered that approximately 75% of these women were asymptomatic, highlighting the potential for pregnant individuals to carry and transmit the virus without displaying any symptoms. This finding emphasizes the importance of regular testing and precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19, especially among pregnant women. The study also revealed a higher likelihood of preterm birth and cesarean delivery among COVID-19 positive pregnant women, reinforcing the need for additional care and monitoring during pregnancy for those affected by the virus. By understanding the impact of COVID-19 on pregnant individuals, healthcare providers can better support and protect this vulnerable population.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, pregnant women are listed as a vulnerable group that needs protection. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), some pregnant individuals infected with COVID-19 may experience severe symptoms and complications during childbirth.

In a scientific study, researchers examined data from 598 hospitalized pregnant women who tested positive for COVID-19. They found that approximately 75% of them were admitted for delivery and childbirth reasons, while 19% were admitted for COVID-19. Over half of the pregnant women with COVID-19 (55%) had no symptoms upon admission, meaning they did not have any notable virus-related symptoms. Those in the first or second trimesters had more symptoms compared to those in the third trimester. Among the total of 272 pregnant women with severe complications of COVID-19; 44 were admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU), 23 required mechanical ventilation, and two died.

The researchers also found that pregnant women with COVID-19 experienced more issues during the birthing process. Among the 445 surviving patients, 87% delivered at full term while 13% had preterm birth, which correlated with dangerous COVID-19 symptoms. The researchers noted that the preterm birth rate among pregnant women infected with COVID-19 in this study (13%) was higher than the general population (10%). There were also two cases of stillbirth in this study, both occurred in women with specific symptoms.

The study results suggest that COVID-19 can impact pregnancies and even contribute to preterm birth, especially when infected patients have severe complications. However, asymptomatic individuals may not have the same risk of negative outcomes. And while this study cannot determine if the coronavirus directly causes adverse childbirth outcomes, it certainly has a certain impact.

Pregnant women are more susceptible to viral infections compared to others

Regarding this issue, SELF explains that pregnant women are more vulnerable to bacterial and viral attacks. According to researchers at the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), pregnant individuals may face a higher risk of severe COVID-19 complications if they contract the coronavirus. ACOG states that these risks are particularly severe for Black, Asian, or Latinx individuals. This impact may be due to systemic issues such as economic and social inequality, rather than biological differences.

Therefore, it can be concluded that individuals who are expecting or already pregnant should take preventive measures, protect themselves well, and minimize the risk of contracting COVID-19. Maintaining distance from others, wearing masks in public places, washing hands regularly, and following regular prenatal care are all important precautions for pregnant women to consider.

For the health of both the mother and baby, pregnant women should limit going out and wear masks in crowded places

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