The Importance of Balancing Yin and Yang for Our Body

Maintaining a balance between Yin and Yang is crucial for the body. It not only prevents diseases and promotes healing, but also ensures that illnesses do not invade, allowing the body to stay healthy and the mind to remain in a positive state.


Imaginatively speaking, positive energy is like sunlight that warms and is essential for the photosynthesis of plants. On the other hand, negative energy is like cool water that provides valuable nutrients to plants.

Excessive negative energy, when accumulated, will lead to obesity. Excessive positive energy, on the other hand, enhances digestion, leading to a lean body.

The circulation of Yin and Yang in heaven and earth is truly mysterious. Rainwater nourishes plants, but excessive rain will cause low humidity. Sunlight warms the environment, evaporates water, transforms energy, and circulates it. Excessive heat will cause dryness and cracking.

In the human body, positive energy stimulates the secretion of digestive juices to digest food and transform energy.

Replenishing positive energy in the body is extremely important in one’s life. Traditional Chinese medicine focuses on nourishing life and preventing diseases. A sufficient positive energy will protect the body from diseases.

Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes the importance of positive energy in the body, as it is the “energy” that drives the body’s functions.

How does the body react to a lack of positive energy?

  • A sense of fatigue, feeling tired no matter what you do, and lack of vitality.
  • Cold hands and feet, with cold hands being a clear sign of a lack of positive energy.
  • Reduced appetite, with less enjoyment in eating or becoming more selective in food choices.
  • Digestive functions will be affected, leading to difficulties in digestion or a feeling of bloating.

Cold water damages positive energy

Water plays a crucial role in maintaining the body’s physiological functions such as digestion, endocrine, metabolism, and normal organ functions.

However, water tends to have a cooling nature, so increasing the temperature of water helps balance its cooling nature. Regularly consuming cold water or chilled drinks can damage the positive energy of the digestive system, causing discomfort and compromising its health.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, drinking warm water helps warm up the positive energy in the body. It aids in the absorption of the stomach and intestines, as well as the production of nutrients, promoting the digestion and absorption processes, blood circulation, and metabolism of the body.

In addition to warm water, boiling food also helps warm up the body. This is especially suitable for individuals with a weak and cold constitution. It also aids in the treatment of cold-related conditions, such as colds. For example, consuming hot ginger soup helps dispel coldness.

The traditional Chinese medicine approach to treating cold-related conditions is to consume cinnamon twig soup. It is also important to eat warm porridge to induce sweating. Women during their menstrual cycle often feel cold in the lower abdomen and experience menstrual cramps. Consuming hot ginger soup or drinking red sugar ginger tea can help alleviate discomfort.

Factors that deplete positive energy

In addition to consuming cold food and drinks, unbalanced work and rest can also deplete positive energy.

Staying up late is a common habit of many young people nowadays, which depletes positive energy and negatively impacts health. A good habit to enhance health is to go to bed early and wake up early, allowing positive energy to be replenished.

Staying in an air-conditioned room for a long time is also a factor that depletes positive energy. In reality, even though the summer is hot, it is also a good opportunity for the body to sweat and enhance its ability to transform energy.

Ways to replenish positive energy

  • Mugwort: Heat therapy using mugwort sticks is a unique medical method in traditional Chinese medicine. You can use mugwort sticks to heat up the spine along the body’s meridians. By using mugwort, you can regulate and nourish this area, effectively replenishing positive energy.
  • Exercise: Maintaining a regular and appropriate exercise routine helps increase positive energy. After exercise, the whole body will feel warm, accelerating blood circulation, eliminating cold energy.
  • Hot foot soak: Foot soaking is a great rejuvenation therapy. Using warm water for foot soaking not only helps chase away coldness and humidity but also stimulates the meridians of the feet, soothes emotions, improves sleep, and replenishes positive energy naturally.
  • Sunlight: Sunlight is a natural source of positive energy for humans. The best time to sunbathe in summer is around 8-10 a.m. At this time, the sunlight is moderate, and the quality of the air is better. Going for a walk in a park with shaded areas and appropriate sunlight is good for health.
  • Early to bed, early to rise: Going to bed early and waking up early can keep your body full of energy. Combined with moderate work and rest, it helps normalize the detoxification process, benefiting the replenishment of positive energy.

Cultivating moral character also increases righteous energy

Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes nourishing life and preventing diseases. The ancients believed that one must enhance their “righteous energy,” as a sufficient righteous energy protects the body from harm.

Instead of relying solely on medicine and using more and more medicine, people are prone to illness without understanding the reasons. Therefore, according to traditional Chinese medicine, the treatment of diseases and nourishing life cannot be separated from cultivating moral character and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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