The Most Mercury-Ridden Fish Type, Heaviest Metal on the Market: Don’t be Cheap

According to experts, there are certain types of fish below that contain high levels of mercury. It is not advisable to buy them at cheap prices as they may lead to health problems.


What is mercury-filled fish, heavy metal

According to experts, mercury-filled fish or other heavy metals such as lead, typically have excessive levels of residual mercury and heavy metals in the diet, which can have adverse effects on health if consumed too much and regularly. In particular, these types of fish can cause extremely dangerous and incurable diseases in humans.

Which type of fish contains the most mercury?

Smooth-skinned fish

Did you know that large smooth-skinned fish are fed and injected with hormones to increase their weight for high profit purposes? These fish are considered unclean and have the potential to contain toxic mercury that readers should consider avoiding. Therefore, people should limit their consumption of smooth-skinned fish to protect their health.

Ocean salmon

Unlike river salmon, ocean salmon is classified by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as the type of fish most susceptible to mercury contamination because they live at the bottom of the sea where 80% of the mercury in the water above has been destroyed by sunlight.

In addition, they are also omnivorous, which makes them susceptible to contamination by toxic substances and microorganisms in the water. When consuming fish with high mercury levels like ocean salmon, toxic substances will gradually accumulate in the human body. Long-term consumption can lead to mercury poisoning, damage to the oral, dental, and digestive systems, as well as serious kidney problems.


According to nutrition experts, catfish is a type of fish that Vietnam has the opportunity to export and increase its economic value. However, when testing crystal violet and malachite green in the US, the results were not as expected. Even worse, the US lists catfish as one of the fish that does not guarantee quality and contains the most mercury, which you should be aware of.

Which types of fish are best for health?

Research shows that fatty fish containing high levels of omega-3 fatty acids can be beneficial for heart health. Omega-3 can also help reduce the risk of diseases such as stroke and Alzheimer’s.

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