Tips for handling when being bitten by ants in the rainy season

The rainy season is an opportunity for insects to proliferate like ants. If bitten by this ant without knowing how to handle it, it will lead to serious consequences for the body. Join Dien May Xanh to learn how to deal with three compartment ants in the rainy season!


Mẹo xử trí khi bị kiến ba khoang đốt vào mùa mưa

1 Manifestations of dermatitis due to contact with ants

Usually appear in open skin areas such as: neck, face, back, hands, feet, … Three compartment ants can cause skin inflammation from mild to severe, depending on the poison penetrated through the skin.

Initially, the patient feels a little itchy, tight, reddened in an area of the skin , after 6-12 hours, red streaks, on which there are large and small irregular blisters 1 – 5mm, 1 to 3 days later. water burn, pus burn.

At this time, the pain and burning sensation increases. May be accompanied by fever, malaise, lymphadenopathy, neck, armpit, and groin pain corresponding to the lesion.

Biểu hiện viêm da do tiếp xúc với kiến ba khoang

If your hands are contaminated with poison when swatting ants, rubbing and touching your eyes can burn them. If the lesion is near the eye, it can be puffy in both eyes, it will take 2-3 days to get better, in the groin, there may be swollen and painful inguinal lymph nodes that make it difficult to walk.

If not treated in time, the inflammation of the skin will progress to an ulcer. The sores take on different shapes depending on the movement when we smash, kill and rub the ants on the skin.

There are also a few cases of only red spots, spots with small itchy blisters, diving after 3-5 days, no burns.

2 Tips for dealing with three-chamber ants

If three-chambered ants are detected immediately after exposure, they should:

  • Eliminate insects, do not use bare hands to catch, kill, or crush.
  • Wash exposed areas with soap and water, then use a mild antiseptic.
  • If the lesion appears pus, use methylene blue solution to apply to the wound to disinfect and avoid infection.
  • When the wound is dry and no longer drains, it is recommended to use antibiotic and bactericidal ointments with mild and moderate corticosteroids to help the wound heal.

Sử dụng thuốc

When the lesion has blistered, depending on the extent of the injury, the doctor will prescribe the appropriate medicine. Mild cases need only antiseptic, the disease is self-limited. If the condition is moderate and severe, it is necessary to apply skin softeners, topical corticosteroids, oral antihistamines, and take antibiotics when there are signs of superinfection.

3 Ways to avoid

  • Prevent insects from entering the house by limiting opening the door a lot, especially near trees, fields…
  • Avoid standing under bright lights in public places, pay attention when working under lights because three-cavity ants often appear in bright lights.
  • Shake towels and clothes vigorously before use.
  • Do not use bare hands to catch, kill, or crush three-chambered ants.
  • When you start to feel burning in an area of the skin, you can wash that area with dilute salt water, soap …

những điều lưu ý

Know how to prevent and deal with ant stings to protect your family today!

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