Tips to cure fishbone problems at home effectively

Fish is a very delicious dish, loved by everyone, especially during the holidays. However, choking fish bones is an inevitable thing when eating this dish. If choking fish bones for a long time will cause many unfortunate consequences. Let's refer to the ways to get fish bones when they choke out with Dien May Xanh.


1 Insert garlic into the nostrils

Garlic is an available spice in your kitchen, so it's easy to find and doesn't take too much time. When you choke on a fish bone, you quickly peel the garlic off, and determine which side you have choked on, left or right. For example, if you had a choke on the left side, you would insert a clove of garlic into the right nostril and then close the left nostril and breathe evenly through the mouth.

Tỏi giúp chữa hóc xương cá bằng cách nhét vào lỗ mũi.

Garlic helps to cure fishbone choking by stuffing it into the nostrils.

About 2 or 3 minutes, or less, you will sneeze and vomit, then the fish bones will follow out. Do the opposite of missing your nose on the left, so you have a choke on the right bone.

2 Orange peels

Ngậm và nuốt vỏ cam

Swallow and swallow orange peels

You can also cure fishbone choking by swallowing orange peels. Orange peel contains active ingredients that make fish bones soften and follow the saliva to fall into the stomach. So, when you have a bone fracture, you hold a piece of orange for a while to let the substances in the orange peel melt in your mouth, then swallow that orange peel. Note that only small orange peels should be taken to avoid choking.

3 Vitamin C

Vitamin C is present in orange peels, so they work like orange peels to soften fish bones. So if you don't have orange peel, or you can't stand the pungent taste of orange peel, you can replace it with a vitamin C tablet.

Dùng vitamin C có thể thay thế được vỏ cam

Using vitamin C can replace orange peel

After a few minutes, the fish bones will soften and disappear after taking in vitamin C. The effect of vitamin C not only makes the bones soft, but also helps to reduce pain, anti-inflammatory by the wounds left by the fish bones.

4 Drink fruit juice

Nước quả trám

Fruit juice

When you have a small fish bone, you can use the juice of the filling to cure it. By grinding the fillings out and then mixing with drinking water to dissolve fish bones when choking.

5 Swallow rice

Nuốt cơm

Swallow rice

Swallowing rice is probably a familiar way that most people know and choose to treat when they have a fish bone problem. People always think that the rice will go down the esophagus and along the rice, but this method is only suitable for small bones. This method should be limited because it can cause serious consequences when the rice falls into the artery.

6 Centella asiatica leaves

Lá rau má chữa hóc xương cá.

Gotu kola leaves cure fish bones.

Another very effective remedy for choking fish bones is to use a little gotu kola, wash, then chew and swallow. The fish bones will follow the centella asiatica to fall out and drift downwards.

Osteoporosis is a sudden accident that no one wants. If you choke on fish bones, you should spit them out, instead of swallowing them. Note that when you have a large fish bone and a fish bone that is too deep, you should go to a doctor for the best treatment. Green Machine hopes that with this fishbone repair tip, it will help you have the best New Year's Day.