Tips to keep mosquitoes away from your baby simple but extremely effective

Mosquitoes are the cause of babies itching, discomfort and possibly dengue fever, making mothers extremely worried. So let Dien May GREEN reveal to you a few good tips to repel mosquitoes, keep away from your baby simple but extremely effective without using mosquito rackets!


Impact of mosquito bites on baby's health

The younger the baby, the more delicate and sensitive skin is, when a mosquito bite on the baby's skin appears red bumps and causes itching and discomfort. At this time, the baby may cry or scratch uncontrollably, making the mosquito bite more serious such as peeling, bleeding, …

Ảnh hưởng của muỗi đốt đến sức khỏe của bé

Depending on the saliva content of the female mosquito when biting and the thickness of the baby's skin, the bite becomes swollen differently, even making the baby's body swollen throat, rash, wheezing, … for severe allergic reactions to mosquito bites.

In addition, for the mosquitoes that carry the disease, it will become the cause of the baby's dengue fever, malaria or some other pathogens that mothers should not take lightly!

2 Ways to fight mosquitoes for babies

How to effectively fight mosquitoes without making babies feel uncomfortable when playing and sleeping is always a matter of concern for parents. To limit this problem, you can refer to a few good tips below:

Use essential oils to repel mosquitoes

Most essential oils have positive health benefits, and also have a very good anti-mosquito effect for babies. For example, essential oils from citrus fruits and herbal oils (such as mint, clove, lavender, melaleuca, …) keep mosquitoes away from your baby.

Sử dụng tinh dầu đuổi muỗi

You can add a few drops of lemon and tangerine essential oil to your baby's daily bath water, so that your baby's skin always has a scent that mosquitoes don't like.

In addition, you can also place pieces of dried orange, tangerine peels or herbs (stored in mesh bags) placed in the corners of the house to repel mosquitoes while also creating fragrance for the air around the house or you too. You can drop essential oils on bed sheets, pillows will also bring the same effect.

With herbal essential oils such as cajeput essential oil, it not only repels mosquitoes but also improves insect bites and swelling on your baby's skin.

Create a clean, airy living environment

Mosquito habitats are usually humid places and in dark corners and nooks of the house. Therefore, take your time to clean and tidy your house every day. At the same time, avoid placing a lot of things around the baby's living area as well as throwing garbage regularly and limit the accumulation of water such as ponds, jars, … in the house.

Tạo môi trường sống sạch sẽ, thông thoáng tránh muỗi đốt

Planting herbs around the house to prevent mosquitoes

Planting herbal plants around the house is also an effective way to repel mosquitoes for children and the whole family thanks to their fragrance. You try to plant small pots such as mint, basil, lavender, … and place them in the balcony, hallway, home garden or anywhere you like without affecting your baby's health. .

Trồng thảo dược quanh nhà chống muỗi

Dress your baby in light-colored clothes

Mosquitoes are often attracted to things that are dark, especially black, so dress your baby in light clothes when he sleeps. And also do not forget to give priority to your baby wearing long-sleeved clothes and socks when the weather becomes wet, mosquitoes are easy to appear.

Cho bé mặc quần áo sáng màu tránh muỗi đốt

Always put a mosquito net for your baby to sleep

When your baby is sleeping, the most ideal conditions for mosquitoes can bite whenever you can't notice. Therefore, you should use a mosquito net, whether in an air-conditioned room or a fan, to help keep mosquitoes away from your baby.

Luôn mắc màn cho bé ngủ tránh muỗi đốt

Baby bath everyday

Mosquitoes are not only attracted to dark objects, but also attracted to the smell of sweat on the human body. Up to now, it is not clear why mosquitoes often bite some people such as people with O blood, overweight, etc. However, mosquitoes often choose their victims by scent evaluation, chemicals in sweat and exhaled carbon dioxide.

Your little one is no exception, so you should give your baby a clean bath to avoid sweat accumulation as well as wear clothes with good sweat-absorbing materials, helping your baby stay cool, dry and comfortable. not miscarried.

Tắm cho bé hàng ngày để tránh muỗi đốt

Add more foods rich in vitamin B1

The baby's daily food also contributes to effectively keeping mosquitoes away. Prioritize choosing foods rich in vitamin B1 such as nuts, potatoes or green beans, which contribute to the unpleasant taste of your baby's blood, which mosquitoes will not like.

In addition, you also avoid giving your baby foods with a lot of salt, because if the salt concentration in the body is high, it can increase the amount of lactic acid – this is a compound that attracts mosquito bites.

Bổ sung nhiều thực phẩm giàu vitamin B1 tránh muỗi đốt

Use an air purifier with a mosquito catching function

In addition to using the tips to keep mosquitoes away from your baby that Dien May GREEN suggests above, you can think of using an air purifier with a mosquito catching function.

These air purifiers not only filter dust, remove allergens and moisturize the skin, but also have the function of catching mosquitoes thanks to a smart mosquito enticing and catching mechanism that does not affect the skin. health of the baby and the whole family.

Sử dụng máy lọc không khí có chức năng bắt muỗi

3 ways to handle bites when children are bitten by mosquitoes

Unfortunately, mosquito bites baby makes the skin become swollen and makes the baby cry or itchy constantly, you should handle as follows:

With babies, you should not use oils or creams to apply because the baby's skin is very thin. Instead, you should take breast milk and apply it to the mosquito bite, which both reduces swelling and does not leave a dark scar.

With slightly older children, you can dilute the vinegar and then take a cotton swab to absorb it and gently apply it to the mosquito bite, which also has the same effect.

Cách xử lý vết đốt khi trẻ bị muỗi cắn

For babies over 1 year old, you can use eucalyptus oil, gently massage on the sting and around the sting area until the skin feels warm. After 3 minutes, the mosquito bite will stop itching and swelling.

You can also use lemon juice to apply to the bite, but this method cannot be used in case the baby's mosquito bite is scratched by scratching because it will cause the baby's skin to burn.

Cách xử lý vết đốt khi trẻ bị muỗi cắn

*Compilation based on information on The Asianparent Vietnam page

With the above sharing, Dien May XANH hopes you will have more tips to help keep mosquitoes away from your baby simple but extremely effective.