Today's high-end condom brands

Here are the most advanced condom brands, with good quality and chosen by many people.


Here are the most advanced condom brands, with good quality and chosen by many people.

1. Sagami condom

Sagami is a world famous condom company from Japan, established in 1934.

Sagami condoms

Sagami condoms are made from Polyurethane, a natural rubber latex that is safe for the user's skin. Sagami condoms are known as super thin but tough condoms that make users feel secure and comfortable during use.

2. Durex condoms

Durex Condoms

Durex is one of the world's leading condom brands, now its products are available in most countries from Europe to Asia.

Durex condoms are of high quality, undergo rigorous testing and are considered safe for users' health.

3. Okamoto condoms

Okamoto condoms

Okamoto is a high-end condom brand that also originates from Japan. Its products are rated as a line of good quality condoms, bringing peace of mind to users.

Okamoto condom is an ultra-thin design with 3 levels of 0.01mm, 0.02mm, 0.03mm, bringing true feeling to the user.

4. U & Me . Condoms

U & Me condoms

U & Me condom is a premium condom from Bangladesh. Its U & Me condoms are ultra-thin, tough, and have a pleasant vanilla scent.

5. Condoms OK

Condoms OK

OK condoms are manufactured in the US and have been on the Vietnamese market since the 1990s. Up to now, OK condoms are still a product line recommended by experts because of their safety and quality. it.

OK condoms have a thin, tough, stretchy design that can withstand high intensity.

Below, Quantrimang would like to introduce to you quality condoms and lubricants from big brands like Durex, Sagami, which will surely make your "fun" more complete and meaningful. :

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