Top 15 best health and medical monitoring applications on iOS and Android phones today

Taking care of the health of yourself and your loved ones is the most necessary job during the current Covid-19 pandemic. Let's quickly find out the top 15 best rated health and medical monitoring applications with Dien May XANH!


1 Vietnamese Health

This is the official application of the Ministry of Health to make hotline calls, find the nearest medical facility to send and register information for suspected cases of Corona virus.

In addition, this software also provides useful content on epidemic prevention and control, as well as new information updated from the Ministry of Health about the situation of the Covid-19 epidemic in the world and in Vietnam day by day. ứng dụng Sức khỏe Việt Nam

2 nCoV and Vietnam Health Declaration

These are two medical declaration software launched by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Information and Communications , specifically the nCoV application for Vietnamese citizens, and the Vietnam Health Declaration application for people entering the country. Vietnam.

Although born for the purpose of medical declaration and self-health assessment, these 2 software also provide a lot of latest information about the situation of Corona epidemic in the world and in Vietnam, and warn epidemic areas for people to proactively avoid when approaching.

ứng dụng nCoV và Vietnam Health Declaration

3 DROH Pocket General Hospital

DROH Pocket General Hospital is one of the extremely useful medical applications that you should have in your mobile device. When installing this application, if you have health problems, you can contact the doctor by phone, text message to receive the most necessary advice from professional doctors.

DROH Bệnh Viện Đa Khoa Bỏ Túi

Not only that, you can also book an appointment at leading hospitals or at home through the online form on the extremely convenient application. You will have a team of dedicated, professional and well-trained doctors who are always ready to help you solve your health problems 24/7.

4 Open WHO

The Open WHO app is designed primarily for healthcare workers who have expertise in frontline communication and decision making. However, it is still useful to everyone, as it provides a valuable source of information for those affected by epidemics and health emergencies through health video lectures. health with great health information.

The app currently has 4 channels:

  • Outbreak channel (about managing information on infectious diseases and providing scientific information, rescue operations).
  • Ready for Response channel (information support for staff who are being trained to deploy during epidemics and other health emergencies).
  • Gate Social channel (focusing on research on the social situation and helping to contact the community affected by the epidemic).
  • GOARN channel (dedicated to global alert and response network on urgent epidemics, with international responses).

Ứng dụng y tế Open WHO

Although the interface design is nothing special, the quality of the content inside is extremely useful for people around the world, especially during a pandemic like Covid-19 today.

5 Apple Health

Apple Health is a health application developed on Apple's iOS platform and officially put into operation from its iPhone 8 generation. This will certainly be a useful tool to help you capture in detail your own health situation.

Ứng dụng Apple Health

The application will support you to measure blood pressure, blood glucose level, monitor and measure your activities such as walking, cycling, jogging, thereby calculating the number of calories, weight situation and even tracking the quality of your sleep. From there, the application will give advice to help improve your health to the fullest extent.

6 We Do Pulse

We Do Pulse is a well-known and popular app due to its efficiency and flexibility. The application is equipped with AI technology to help analyze each person's unique data to find out that person's health condition, thereby offering suitable solutions to help you become healthier.

Some of the preeminent features of We Do Pulse that we can mention are:

  • Check the health status of users through analysis from online health reviews.
  • Check disease symptoms: the application will find out the cause of the symptoms, the medical risks that the user may have and suggest the usual treatment.
  • Get practical advice from doctors by phone calls.

Ứng dụng We Do Pulse

7 eDoctor

eDoctor is one of the applications that help monitor and take care of health suitable for all subjects.

This application will help you optimize the time to find the nearest doctor as well as the nearest hospital and clinic in your area; cost savings thanks to the use of preferential examination program packages; easily connect directly with specialists, medical experts in Vietnam; at the same time provide a lot of useful information about health. ứng dụng sức khỏe eDoctor

8 The base

The base , also known as Ada , is considered a trusted health diagnostic aid application and is currently ranked first in medical equipment in the European Union.

The interface design of the application is very simple but effective in terms of intelligent quality that users need to know. Currently, the developer has added more information about COVID-19 to the system database, so you can use this application to diagnose your health at any time.

Ứng dụng The base

You just need to state the symptoms you are experiencing, then answer a few more questions that the application asks. Finally, Ada will synthesize, analyze and give results about your current health status. However, if your health becomes serious, then of course you need to consult directly with your local doctor is best.

9 Home Remedies+

If you have a mild cold or flu, and you don't want to see a doctor, there are many ways to improve your health. For example, using the Home Remedies+ application can provide and advise you with many health remedies, even when experiencing some other symptoms such as back pain, headache, abscess, acne, allergies. , arthritis, and tons of other nasty ailments.

In addition, you can easily look up when you encounter these diseases because the application displays and categorizes them alphabetically, you can even mark them for your favorite treatments, or feel them effective. results for easier access next time.

Besides, you can use the search function, share function and even communicate with the application by voice. Everything will definitely be useful to you!

10 Practical

Practical Doctor is a great app to book an appointment with a doctor, as well as help you talk directly with a doctor whenever you want (because the app works 24/7). At the application, there will be doctors from many different fields: dentists, dermatology, ear – nose – throat, urology, oncology, gastroenterology, … will advise you on all treatment methods.

Ứng dụng y tế Practical

Alternatively, you can purchase very affordable family health plans, and keep your health records online (if desired). On top of that, this application also contains a lot of information that you may be interested in such as: the latest health tips, treatment methods, …

11 Your MD

Your MD is a healthcare assistant using AI smart technology. It both provides information about diseases (such as corona virus) and guides, suggests and supports you on self-care methods.

  • This app is developed by doctors, data scientists and digital professionals.
  • Provides a wealth of health-related information, and the level of trustworthiness of this information is appreciated as it is written by qualified doctors ( NHS , Your.MD and medical team).

Ứng dụng y tế Your MD

In addition, the MD app also offers the One Stop Health Marketplace service, which is the first global marketplace for trusted healthcare products and suppliers. The app even offers health plans for users.

12 BMI Calculator

BMI Calculator is an application that supports calculating your body mass index (BMI) and your body fat percentage extremely accurately. So, if you are looking to monitor your weight situation, definitely do not ignore this application!

The application is equipped by the founder with extremely useful features for users such as:

  • Measure BMI, body fat percentage accurately.
  • Figure out your ideal weight based on your height.
  • Make a standard BMI classification, predict body weight status.

Ứng dụng BMI Calculator

Through the precise analysis of the application, you can easily see your physical condition and from there recommend the right exercises to get the most perfect look!

13 iCNM

iCNM is known as a reputable medical application and is used by a large number of users. When you install this application, you will receive enthusiastic and active support from doctors from leading medical centers in the North.

Some of the most outstanding features of this application that you should know are:

  • Remote health consultation via Video Call makes it more convenient for users to not have to move or struggle to find appropriate specialists.
  • Schedule a home test through the app quickly and easily.
  • Diagnose abnormal symptoms and give advice to users quickly.
  • Give instructions on diet, rest to help improve the health of the user.

Ứng dụng iCNM

14 ViDoctor

ViDoctor is a medical "assistant" that is highly appreciated by many users thanks to its quick diagnosis and extremely accurate results about the user's health situation.

Some useful features being applied on ViDoctor are:

  • Register for a quick home test via the phone app.
  • Easily contact to exchange and ask questions with doctors.
  • Easily look up test results on your phone.
  • Store medical records online, absolutely secure, easy lookup.
  • Constantly updated with the latest medical information and medical knowledge.

Ứng dụng ViDoctor

15 MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is a very useful health – weight application that helps you set goals to improve your weight and gives suggestions on scientific diet and rest.

When using this application, you will get to experience extremely convenient features as follows:

  • Meal and activity logging: advanced tools make food and workout logging quick and easy.
  • Set goals: you can customize your personal weight, nutrition and fitness goals.
  • Progress tracking: see your progress at a glance or get a detailed breakdown of your nutrition and calories.
  • Learn from the experts: help you reach your goals faster with expert advice.
  • Connect with the community: easily find friends, support each other and give advice in the app's active forums.

Ứng dụng MyFitnessPal

Comparison table of health and medical monitoring applications on phones:

Criteria Support to book an online medical appointment Easy to use interface Connect with other devices Capacity Charges
Vietnamese Health No Have No Android 2.5 MB iOS 10.7 MB Free
nCoV and Vietnam Health Declaration No Have No Android: 25 MB iOS: 157.9 MB Free
DROH Pocket General Hospital Have Have No Android 63 MB iOS: 113.3MB Free
Open WHO No Have No Android 19 MB iOS: 113.3MB Free
Apple Health No Have Connect with Apple's ecosystem Updating Free
We Do Pulse No Have No

Android: 146 MB iOS: 263.9 MB

eDoctor Have Have No Android: 93MB iOS: 108.1 MB Free
The base No Have No Android: 12MB iOS: 39.2MB Free
Home Remedies+ No Have No Android: 2.5MB iOS 8.3MB Free
Practical No Have No Android: 49 MB iOS: 150.2 MB Free
Your MD No Have No Android: 21 MB iOS: 125.2 MB Free
BMI Calculator No Have No Android: 2.8 MB Free
iCNM Have Have No

Android: 29 MB

iOS: 78.4 MB

ViDoctor Have Have No Android: 31 MB iOS: 49 MB Free
MyFitnessPal No Have No Android: 69 MB iOS: 145.1 MB Free

Hopefully, with the above information, you will update yourself with 15 of the best rated health and medical monitoring applications today.