Top 16 most effective houseplants to repel mosquitoes

Flies, mosquitoes and other insects appear frequently in the house, causing infectious diseases and unsanitary spaces. In addition to using insecticides, you can also grow some of the following plants that repel mosquitoes and enhance aesthetics in the house.


1 lemongrass tree

Cây sả có thể trồng trong nhà và có khả năng đuổi muỗi hiệu quả

Lemongrass is not only a popular spice used in cooking and drinking, but it is also the most effective mosquito repellent. The plant gives off a pleasant, comfortable aroma that helps you relax well and this fragrance is very resistant to insects, especially mosquitoes.

Lemongrass has the effect of disturbing the orientation of insects, making them unable to find a target to attack, away from the living area of your family. Instead of using mosquito spray, grow citronella plants indoors that are both safe and keep mosquitoes away.

Lemongrass leaves are long and pointed at the top, lemongrass stems are white and contain the most essential oils. Usually, many people will use lemongrass essential oil for beauty, sauna, aromatherapy, …

2 Mints

Cây bạc hà là một trong những loại cây trồng trong nhà đuổi muỗi hiệu quả nhất

Mint is one of the most effective houseplants for repelling mosquitoes. Especially in the rainy season, which is a good condition for mosquitoes to breed and grow, you should plant a mint plant in your home to protect the health of the whole family. Mint is a very easy plant to grow, easy to raise, you do not have to spend too much effort to take care of the plant.

The plant grows well in hot and humid summer conditions, so it is very suitable for growing indoors. Peppermint essence has the ability to repel mosquitoes many times more than chemical-laden mosquito repellents. In addition, you can use mint to relax effectively and safely.

3 basil plants

Cây húng quế là một loại cây dễ trồng và dễ tìm trong điều kiện nhiệt đới nóng ẩm

Basil is an easy plant to grow and find in hot and humid tropical conditions like in Vietnam. The outstanding feature of basil is its ability to effectively kill mosquitoes, because it contains many essential oils with a spicy, strong scent. This is a substance that keeps insects away and is a great cavalry. Basil is also used in cooking and preparing unique dishes.

You can plant plants around your house or plant them in pots and place them in the space you want to repel mosquitoes. Plants will help you repel mosquitoes quickly, while also being safe and bringing a pleasant scent to the whole house. If you are bitten by a mosquito, you can crush the basil leaves and apply it to the mosquito bite site, to help you no longer itch and limit the redness.

4 Perilla earth

Tía tô đất không chỉ là nguyên liệu cho các loại trà thảo dược mà còn có công dụng đuổi muỗi hiệu quả

Perilla is not only a raw material for herbal teas, but also effectively repels mosquitoes. If your home has a lot of mosquitoes, instead of using insect sprays containing many chemicals that affect health, growing perilla plants indoors will definitely repel mosquitoes safely and effectively.

Perilla is a herbaceous plant with green or burgundy leaves, with serrated edges around the leaves. The essential oil from the leaves makes people feel relaxed, comfortable and extremely pleasant, but this scent makes insects very afraid and away. The plant is very easy to grow, you do not need to take care of it often, it grows well in low light conditions.

5 Rosemary plants

Cây hương thảo là một loại cây với rất nhiều công dụng quý

Rosemary is a plant with many valuable uses. The plant can be used as a seasoning for cooking food, decorating the house and emitting a pleasant scent, good for human health. The tree is native to Europe, has a rustic conifer shape with many small branches.

Thanks to the function of emitting a strong aroma, rosemary is often grown indoors as a mosquito repellent and home decoration. The plant does not need to be watered, fertilized regularly and can live in a place without light. When cooking, you add a little spice of the plant, which helps to eliminate stress, enhance memory, and refresh the mind.

6 Lavender Plants

Cây hoa oải hương là loại cây được rất nhiều người yêu thích bởi bông hoa màu tím

Lavender is a plant that is loved by many people because of its small, beautiful purple flowers and pleasant aroma that help people feel light and comfortable. Lavender is not only used to decorate houses and gifts on holidays but also has the effect of repelling mosquitoes extremely effectively.

Flowers have the effect of disabling the ability of flies and mosquitoes to attack, disrupting concentration and orientation. Because of this feature, you should grow a lavender plant in the house to ensure the health of the whole family. The scent of flowers spreads throughout the space, giving you a feeling of refreshment, dispelling stress after hours of study and tired work.

7 Cloves

Cây phát ra một mùi hương khiến con người rất thoải mái nhưng làm ruồi, muỗi cảm thấy khó chịu

If you are looking for a houseplant that repels mosquitoes and is easy to grow, then cloves are an option you can consider. The plant is suitable to live well in a hot and humid climate, without too much care and too much watering, the tree still grows well.

The plant emits a scent that makes people very comfortable but makes flies and mosquitoes feel uncomfortable and away. When you grow indoor plants, the essential oils are dispersed throughout the space, causing them to lose orientation, thereby helping to repel flies, mosquitoes and other insects quickly.

8 Geraniums

Cây hoa phong lữ là một trong những loại hoa vừa làm đẹp không gian nhà, vừa giúp phòng tránh côn trùng

Geranium is one of the flowers that both beautify the home space and help prevent insects effectively and safely. The tree gives off a scent that attracts people, brings great relaxation, but makes mosquitoes and flies very afraid and has to stay away.

Geraniums come in a variety of colors such as red, pink, white, orange, yellow, promising to bring you a colorful space, adorning the house more beautiful and not worrying about mosquitoes. In addition, the plant also uses cells contained in traditional medicines to treat diseases. To repel mosquitoes quickly, you can add a few drops of geranium essential oil to vaporize the room.

9 Five-year-old tree

Cây ngũ gia bì được sử dụng phổ biến trong trái trí cây cảnh, nghệ thuật bonsai

Five houseplants are popularly used in ornamental plants, bonsai art and have good feng shui properties for homeowners to help them have a lot of luck and fortune. However, few people know the special use of this plant is effective against mosquitoes and flies. The tree has 5 leaves that often grow together into a cluster, so it is called the five houseplants.

You can grow this plant indoors to prevent and prevent the growth of mosquitoes. You can plant them around the house, door to the house to repel mosquitoes. At the same time, plants have the ability to purify the air useful, help filter out dust, prevent the growth of harmful organisms in the air.

10 Five-Colored Trees

Cây ngũ sắc là một cây có thể trồng trong nhà và xua đuổi muỗi nhanh chóng

The five-color plant is a plant that can be grown indoors and repels mosquitoes quickly. Five-color flowers not only have a scent that keeps mosquitoes away, but also have an eye-catching, impressive color with many tiny flowers lying side by side, growing in quite large clusters, contributing to a modern and brilliant look. color for your home.

Flowers contain many compounds that keep mosquitoes away, so many mosquito sprays have used iridescent flowers as the main ingredient for their products. You can plant plants in pots, flower beds or rock gardens, the plants will grow and grow very well. They are very easy to take care of, you don't need to spend a lot of time taking care of them.

11 fragrant pine trees

Cây thuộc loại thân gỗ, phân nhiều cành nhánh, sống lâu năm, có hình tháp, tán cây dày đặc, tỏa rộng

If you are bitter about choosing houseplants that repel mosquitoes and can decorate your home more eye-catching and luxurious, fragrant pine is an ideal choice for you. The tree is woody, has many branches, is a perennial, has a tower shape, a dense canopy, and spreads widely, so it is very suitable for bonsai and home decoration.

Besides decorating the house, the tree also has the effect of repelling useful mosquitoes with a gentle fragrance, helping your spirit to relax, relax your mind, relieve stress when you are tired. You can place the plant anywhere in your home to repel mosquitoes.

12 Trees of the best incense

Cây nhất mạt hương thuộc loại cây mộng nước, tỏa ra mùi hương khiến ruồi muỗi phải khó chịu

The plant is a type of tree that gives off a scent that makes mosquitoes and flies uncomfortable and away from them for kilometers. The plant has a pleasant, gentle scent to people, helping you to reduce stress, fatigue, and relax your mind.

The plant is classified as a houseplant, does not need direct sunlight and regular care, it can also grow and develop very well. The tree has small, oval, green leaves that look very pretty. The plant is easy to grow, loves the shade and emits a gentle scent that is safe for humans.

13 Marigolds

Bông cúc có màu vàng hoặc cam với nhiều cảnh hoa nhỏ chụm lại, tạo hình dạng cầu tròn

Marigolds are not only used for display on good occasions to help decorate the house more decently, but the plant is also effective in repelling mosquitoes. Chrysanthemums are yellow or orange with many small flowers clustered together, creating an eye-catching and vibrant spherical shape. The scent of flowers gives off a sweet fragrance that is pleasant to humans but keeps flies, mosquitoes and insects away.

You are a gardener, you can plant daisies around your garden to repel pests. If you put it indoors, you can place places such as balconies, windows, doors so that mosquitoes can't fly into the house.

14 Celestial Bamboo Trees

Cây thiên trúc quỳ được xem là

Celestial bamboo is considered to be the "killer" of flies, mosquitoes, and insects. When growing indoor plants, you will certainly limit the appearance of mosquitoes and flies in the house effectively thanks to the scent of the elm tree. Plants emit a sweet aroma that helps people feel more relaxed, but mosquitoes are extremely allergic and do not want to come near.

The tree blooms beautifully with a variety of colors such as purple, pink, red, orange, etc. Therefore, you can use the tree as decoration, indoor bonsai. The plant can live and grow well indoors, without direct sunlight, so anyone who does not have the technique of growing plants can still grow this plant.

15 Wormwood

Cây ngải cứu có tác dụng trong y học và làm đẹp, phòng tránh và xua đuổi muỗi

Wormwood is not only effective in medicine and beauty, but also has an effective use in preventing and repelling mosquitoes. The tree has a unique leaf shape, promising to be an impressive home decoration.

You can place the tree in the door, window, foot of the stairs, or cut down the small branches and put it in the closet to limit mold and repel insects. Wormwood is an easy-to-care plant, you don't need to fertilize it too much. In addition, the scent of the tree is also very pleasant to help you relax well after tired working hours.

16 Dry lotus flowers

Hoa sen cạn là một trong những loại cây thích hợp để xua đuổi muỗi hiệu quả

The periwinkle is one of the suitable plants to effectively repel mosquitoes. The plant is easy to grow and flowers all year round, in the form of a tuberous vine. However, they like light, so when growing indoors, sometimes 1-2 days you should let them dry in the sun for a few hours.

Flowers have beautiful and impressive shapes, bright colors, attractive leaf shapes, promising to bring you a unique and colorful space. You can plant the plant in a pot and place it anywhere in the house you see fit. The scent of flowers will help repel mosquitoes effectively and quickly, returning a fresh and safe space for your family.

Through the above article, Dien May XANH hopes to bring you information about the most effective houseplants to repel mosquitoes. From there, you can choose for yourself the most suitable tree!