What is a year-end party? What do they mean? Checklist to organize year-end party for the company

The annual year-end party at the office is an opportunity for members of the company to summarize and congratulate the achieved results and set goals for the next year. Let's learn about the meaning of the year-end party and the checklist of things to prepare to organize the perfect year-end party!


1 What is a company year-end party?

The company year-end party (also known as Year End Party – YEP) is a very important event for every company or business.

In the Sino-Vietnamese sense, "Tat" means the end , complete, and "Nien" means the year. So the year-end party is understood as a party for companies and businesses to organize to summarize and look back on a working year that has just ended .

Tiệc tất niên công ty là gì?

This is also an opportunity for company leaders and businesses to express their gratitude to employees , and at the same time an opportunity to honor, reward and give timely encouragement to each individual and team who have completed their outstanding achievements. mission in the past year.

Normally, the company year-end party will be held at the end of the year according to the lunar calendar (usually 1 to 2 weeks before Tet holiday). However, depending on the culture of each company, this party may be held earlier, even many companies choose a calendar year to organize this activity.

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2 Meaning of holding a company year-end party

More and more businesses and companies organize year-end parties, simply, this is not only a party to take place normal eating and drinking activities but it also contains a lot of meaning. Let's take a look at some of the meanings of the company year-end party below:

Summarizing and looking back on the past year

If at the beginning of the year, all companies have a detailed plan and orientation for implementation, this year-end party will be the time for all leaders and employees to review and summarize. what has been done and what has not been done in the past year.

From there, it will help both the management and employees to draw experiences and come up with improved methods to accomplish the set goals in the coming year.

Tổng kết và nhìn lại một năm đã qua

Thank you staff

The year-end party is not only an opportunity for employees to "let off steam", temporarily away from the pressure and stress of busy work in the past year, but also an opportunity for the company's leadership to express their gratitude. to all of its employees.

Besides, there are timely greetings and rewards to individuals and groups with outstanding achievements and outstanding activities in the past year.

Tri ân nhân viên

Internal link

Busy work and pressure also make employees less likely to exchange and share . Therefore, crowded occasions such as the year-end year-end party will help employees improve the spirit of cohesion, exchange, learn and send greetings to each other for the new year.

This is also an ideal opportunity to close the gap between employees and employees, between leaders and subordinates, etc. to be able to build stronger internal cohesion.

Gắn kết nội bộ

Corporate image communication

In addition to the above meanings, the year-end party is also a very effective way to communicate the company's image to customers and partners to build trust in them, thereby helping the company to develop. stronger.

Truyền thông hình ảnh của công ty

Create motivation for a successful year

The year-end year-end party is a place for everyone to regain their spirits and set stronger goals for the next year. Everyone strives together to make the company thrive.


3 What do companies need to organize a year-end party?

Depending on the inherent culture of the business and the majority of people's opinions, the company can offer a timeline of the year-end program, a way to organize the year-end party accordingly. You can refer to the year-end party checklist according to the following suggestions:

Make a detailed plan

You will need to identify the following questions to create a detailed assignment plan for the right time, place, and staffing:

  • Location organizing the party where?
  • What is the date of the event?
  • What will the year-end party include? Which department will each part be in charge of?
  • Need to buy what? Who will be the buyer?
  • What is the total estimated cost? Is it budget-friendly?
  • A backup plan if something goes wrong.

Chọn địa điểm

Make a guest list and menu

– Guests will include partners, customers, businesses in the industry, management and the entire staff.

– The menu for the party is adjusted according to the number of guests participating, and the dishes also need to be balanced with the taste of the majority of people, ensuring safety and hygiene.

Lên danh sách khách mời và thực đơn

Identify the presenter

The host will be the "soul" of the year-end party. They will have the role of connecting and leading to create a joyful and attractive atmosphere for the party. Therefore, identifying the presenter is very important and should be done early.

Xác định người dẫn chương trình

Ideas to set up space

The party will become cozy with a joyful red space, with green banh chung and peach blossom on Tet holiday, or luxurious with the main white color and glass decorations.

Lên ý tưởng setup không gian

Prepare contingency plans and costs

– Like other parties, the year-end party will definitely need a side plan when unexpected situations occur such as weather, space, sound and light, …

– Budgeting is also one of the important items of the year-end party. The budget for the year-end party needs to be properly planned , including the costs for necessary activities and the estimated costs when problems arise.

Tính toán dư phòng

Make a gift list

Giving gifts to employees, partners, and customers attending the year-end party is absolutely necessary.

If your business produces or distributes products that are not too delicate, which can be suitable for many customers, you can completely use them as gifts. However, the gift needs to be suitable for each partner and guest and must show the company's respect for them.

Lên danh sách quà tặng

Hopefully, the above sharing will help you to have a full and detailed idea for the company's year-end party to be impressive and successful. Hope you are succesful.