What is e-waste? Effects of e-waste on the environment

You may understand that the term "E-waste" refers to electrical appliances such as televisions, refrigerators... But it is still unclear about this phrase, so please see the following article to know what e-waste is. what? Its harmful effects when not handled properly!


1 What is e-waste?

E-waste is electrical or electronic products at the end of life such as damaged, obsolete… and these types of waste can be recycled such as DVD players, printers, televisions,…

In this type of waste, there are many toxic substances harmful to human health such as cadmium in resistors, lead, mercury…

Rác thải điện tử là gì?

2 The dangers of e-waste when not disposed of properly

E-waste contains a lot of extremely toxic waste and now this amount is increasing, especially in developed and developing countries, threatening the environment and human health.

Dangerous for people who are in direct contact with e-waste

Electronic waste such as phones, refrigerators… looks completely harmless on the surface, but the substances that make it up are really toxic. These types of garbage are often made up of heavy metals, chemical compounds that easily penetrate soil and water.

In Vietnam, bottle shops often collect this type of waste and they disassemble the internal parts themselves to resell. It is because of this inadvertently that toxic substances stick to the soil and gradually accumulate to seep into the groundwater.

Not only that, their limbs also stick to those heavy metal substances, even though they are washed with soap, it will still stick and easily cause them respiratory diseases, even cancer, cognitive decline. ..

Nguy hại đối với người tiếp xúc trực tiếp với rác thải điện tử

Environmental pollution

Currently, many e-waste treatment plants are rudimentary and are not operated safely.

Burning e-waste indiscriminately, causing harmful gases to be mixed into the air, causing air pollution , including dioxin waste, which is very easy to cause birth defects and birth defects.

E-waste such as televisions, cameras, and computer screens often have cathode ray tubes inside, tubes containing substances such as lead and baric easily seep into the soil and groundwater where recycling is located, easily affecting people's health. That is when using water for cooking and bathing.

Những hiểm họa của rác thải điện tử khi không được vứt đúng cách

3 How to protect health and the environment from e-waste?

Bring garbage to places specializing in industrial waste collection

That's why electronic waste is so dangerous, so it should not be recycled, burned, or disposed of indiscriminately, not in accordance with regulations. E-waste must be segregated and properly disposed of.

Currently, there are companies and factories specializing in the treatment of e-waste, if your home has e-waste, you can contact the following locations to be purchased, contributing to protecting the environment and health.

  1. Asia Environment Company, No. 404 Tan Son Nhi, Tan Quy Ward, Tan Phu District, HCMC.
  2. Thai An Environmental Construction Company Limited, 279 Vuon Lai, An Phu Dong Ward, District 12, HCMC.

Những địa điểm thu mua rác thải công nghiệp

Use a water purifier to remove heavy metals contained in water

Currently, not many families use groundwater instead, but if they continue to litter, not only groundwater but also seawater and river water are full of heavy metals. .

Tap water also cannot completely remove the heavy metals contained in it. The best measure to protect the health of you and your family is that you should use it to filter out heavy metals, ensuring your family has a source of clean, safe drinking water.

The water purifier not only filters out heavy metals and produces pure water, but also adds many beneficial minerals for your body such as: creating alkaline water to neutralize acids in the water, adding antioxidant hydrogen,…

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Above is an article about what e-waste is, the harm it causes when you don't handle it properly. Any suggestions, please comment below the article!