What is hypothermia? Symptoms and treatment of sudden hypothermia

Hypothermia is a condition that occurs when the body loses heat faster than it can produce heat. Let's learn more about hypothermia and how to deal with sudden hypothermia with Dien May XANH!


1 Some information about hypothermia

What is hypothermia?

Hypothermia is an abnormal drop in body temperature . Normally, our body temperature is around 37°C. In hypothermia, the body temperature is low, falls below 35°C and requires immediate medical attention.

If the body does not generate heat in time, the heart, nervous system and other organs will malfunction, which can be life-threatening.

Dưới 35 độ C có nguy cơ bị hạ thân nhiệt

When hypothermia occurs, the body temperature will be below 35 degrees Celsius

Causes of hypothermia

Due to the body exposed to weather or cold water without protection.

Wet clothing and strong winds that cool the skin will lead to hypothermia.

Soaking in cold water for too long also leads to hypothermia.

Drinking too much alcohol can also cause hypothermia.

Operating in room temperature 10 degrees C.

Bath or sleep, rest in places that are not airtight.

Ngâm nước quá lâu chính là một trong những nguyên nhân gây hạ thân nhiệt đột ngột

Prolonged exposure to water will increase the risk of hypothermia

Subjects prone to hypothermia

The elderly have been sedentary for a while, the circulatory system is poor, and they are easily affected by cold weather.

Children with incomplete thermoregulation, especially from 5 years of age and younger, should be more cautious with infants, premature babies, etc.

Subjects who are regularly exposed to alcohol and stimulants also often experience hypothermia.

People who are using sedatives, narcotic drugs, and antidepressants because the ability to regulate body temperature will be reduced when using these drugs.

Victims drown or stay in cold environments for too long.

Người lớn tuổi rất dễ bị lâm vào tình trạng hạ thân nhiệt đột ngột

The elderly and young children are two subjects prone to hypothermia

Manifestations of hypothermia

Manifestations and severity of hypothermia also depend on the specific severity of the following:

  • From 35 – 34 degrees Celsius : Mild hypothermia ;
  • From 34 – 32 degrees Celsius : Moderate hypothermia ;
  • From 32 – 25 degrees Celsius : Severe hypothermia ;
  • Below 25 degrees Celsius : Critical hypothermia.

The outward manifestations of hypothermia usually develop very slowly, such as:

  • Tremor is an important sign of hypothermia.
  • Clumsy, weak body, lack of vitality.
  • Slurred or mumbled speech.
  • Confusion or difficulty thinking.
  • Drowsiness or very low energy.
  • Apathy, or lack of concern about one's condition.
  • Progressive unconsciousness.
  • Weak circuit.
  • Shallow breathing.
  • Lying still, listless (sign in children).
  • The skin is red, cold to the touch, pale (for babies).

Biểu hiện điển hình của hạ thân nhiệt đó chính là hiện tượng run, co giật

External manifestations of people with hypothermia develop very slowly

2 How to deal with hypothermia

In case the victim is unconscious

When encountering this situation, do not panic, the first thing should do is wrap the patient in a warm blanket and call the assistant to help bring the patient to the nearest medical facility for timely emergency treatment.

In case the victim is awake

If victim is outdoors: Get into a home or shelter quickly.

If the victim is indoors: Warm the room with , close the doors to avoid drafts. Change into wet clothes and cover with a warm blanket, so wear socks to warm your limbs.

Put the lamp near the patient to warm up or if there is no lamp, you can use your hand to heat the fire and then apply it to the patient to warm up.

Have the patient eat energy-rich foods and drink warm water.

Then eliminate other cold causes. If there is still no improvement, or the mental status worsens, the patient should be taken to a medical facility for appropriate and timely management.

Những biện pháp sơ cứu khi bị hạ thân nhiệt

Basic first aid measures should be taken immediately in case of hypothermia

Notes when giving first aid to people with hypothermia

People with hypothermia will gradually lose physical capacity, they themselves are not aware of the situation that is taking place. Although sometimes it is an emergency that requires timely first aid from everyone around, during the first aid process, the following should be noted:

Do not accelerate hyperthermia: When giving first aid, do not accelerate the victim's hyperthermia by direct heating with a heater or hot tub.

First aid should be carried out gently: The movements must be carried out gently, avoiding strong massage or rubbing, which can easily lead to the risk of cardiac arrest.

Do not warm up by massaging the victim's extremities: The arms and legs of the person experiencing hypothermia to avoid promoting cold blood back to the heart, lungs, and brain. This will cause central hypothermia and additional pressure on the organs which is very dangerous, which can be fatal.

Do not use stimulants: Do not allow people with hypothermia to drink alcohol or smoke because they can interfere with circulation as well as the necessary body warming process.

Do not use vasopressors: For medical staff, when giving first aid, do not use vasopressors to avoid obstructing the circulation, which can easily lead to pulmonary edema.

3 Some notes to avoid hypothermia

Improve living habits in the cold season

  • Dress warm when it's cold.
  • Strengthen health care for young children and the elderly, by monitoring their symptoms regularly and encouraging sports and exercise activities.
  • Get enough calories and water.
  • Be wary of any weather changes and have a clear plan.
  • Change into wet clothes immediately and put on dry clothes.
  • Get out of cold water immediately. A few minutes delay can be life-threatening.

Mặc đủ ấm chính là biện pháp tốt nhất nhằm tránh hạ thân nhiệt đột ngột

Note to improve living habits in the cold season

Equipped with heating equipment

In addition to improving living habits, to ensure that daily activities are easy as well as health problems are not affected, you should equip heating devices such as and for your family in the cold season.

Sử dụng thiết bị làm ấm giảm nguy cơ hạ thân nhiệt

Need equipment to warm the family in the cold season

Some heating lamps are present at Dien May XANH:

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With the above information, Dien May XANH hopes to help you and your loved ones know how to prevent and treat, as well as prevent sudden hypothermia before it's too late.