What is noise level? What is the maximum intensity that humans can hear in dB?

Every day, we are exposed to many different types of sounds. In particular, the noise of sound has a direct impact on living, working as well as health. So what is the sound threshold that humans can tolerate? Any solution to limit noise? We invite you to find out!


1 What is noise level?

Loudness is the sound intensity level of noise, measured in units of dB (decibels) . Noise is unwanted , annoying sound to the listener. Sound emitted by factories, vehicles, engines, airplanes or household appliances such as: ,, ,… is considered noise.

In other words, sound that has no value emitted from the surrounding environment or a good sound but emitted at the wrong time , does not match the listener's wishes is also called noise.

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2 Effect of noise level

Every day, if we are regularly exposed to many loud sound sources, it will greatly affect the process of working, resting as well as health.

  • Hearing effects: Some sources of noise can exceed the safe hearing threshold of the ear such as drills, horns, engines, airplanes, etc. Frequent exposure to these types of sounds will cause damage to hearing. tympanic membrane, hearing loss, decreased sensitivity to sound of the ear.
  • Nervous effects: Sound with high intensity can affect human psychological health, causing fatigue, prolonged stress, behavioral disorders.
  • Causes cardiovascular disease: High-pitched sound can cause high blood pressure, increase heart rate, and interfere with the normal circulation of blood. In addition, noise can also cause vasoconstriction leading to increased blood pressure and increased incidence of coronary artery disease.
  • Sleep disturbance: Noise makes you uncomfortable, making it difficult to sleep. When the quality of sleep is not good, it can lead to fatigue and reduced work productivity.

Reference: hellobacsi.com

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3 Ambient noise level

Below is the Noise Level corresponding to the actual sound in our surroundings:

Loudness – Decibel (dB)

Corresponds to the surroundings

0 dB No sound at all
10 dB Our breath
20 dB The sound of falling leaves
30 dB The sound of rustling leaves
40 dB Whisper
50 dB Moderate amount of rain
60 dB Normal conversation
70 dB Noisy office, supermarket, street noise
80 dB Noisy hall, printing house
90 dB Factory
110 dB Rock music
130 dB The plane took off, the fire truck sirens

What is the maximum intensity a human can hear in dB?

We can consider 0 dB as the lowest threshold , and the highest level that can be heard as the jarring level. Typically, the threshold for shrill is 140 dB. However, some people have a harsh threshold of 85 dB, others at 115 dB.

Noise tolerance time:

  • Below 80 dB: We can still withstand without protective equipment.
  • From 80 dB to 90 dB: Yes started to pay more attention to the level of danger. You should stay away from noisy places or find ways to limit the noise.
  • At 90 dB: Every day, humans only up to 1 hour.
  • At 100 dB: If without wearing protective equipment, people can only withstand 15 minutes maximum.

If exposed to noise with higher bB intensity for a long time, the ears will suffer damage and can lead to hearing loss , which is very dangerous.

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5 How to measure loudness?

You can measure the ambient sound intensity by using a loudness meter or using apps on your phone.

Use a noise meter

Loudness meter is a device designed to measure the parameters of sound such as: intensity, sound level, frequency range of sound and display the measured parameters on the screen. 

On the market, there are many types of specialized machines used to measure professional noise levels, with prices ranging from several hundred thousand dong, to several million dong or several tens of millions of dong.

Máy đo độ ồn

Use noise measurement apps

There are many apps used to check the noise level around you on the App Store or Google play.

Decibel X is one of the very few noise measurement apps with high accuracy and reliable results, designed for , and .

Decibel X will turn your phone into a professional noise meter, letting you know the exact noise level and sound pressure in the surroundings where you stand.

You can download this application for ISO HERE !

App đo âm thanh & tiếng ồn của Apple

If you are using Android , you can refer to the Sound Meter application to measure environmental noise, which displays the measured dB value in various forms. You can experience neat graphic design with tall frames with this smart sound meter app.

You can get this app for Android HERE .

App Sound Meter dùng để đo tiếng ồn trên Google Play

In addition, you can also find a lot of applications to help you measure noise and sound on Google Play .

6 Tips to reduce noise

A few tips below will help you reduce background noise and improve your quality of life.

Soundproof your home

  • Seal the gap in the door: A clever trick will help your room reduce noise pollution without spending a lot of money.
  • Use wooden or thick fabric wall panels: Wood and thick fabric have sound-absorbing functions that help limit noise.
  • Using soundproof materials such as soundproof glass, soundproof curtains, soundproof floor mats, … This method brings the highest efficiency but will cost a lot.
  • Add green space around the house : Plant more trees around the house, small miniatures, green grass, … to effectively prevent noise from entering, reducing the amount of sound before entering the house.

Trồng cây xây cách âm cho ngôi nhà của bạn

For devices with indoor noise

  • Place appliances in your home that emit noise far away from resting places: washing machines, refrigerators,…
  • Do not use old machinery and equipment because they often make loud noises. In addition, it is necessary to see if the equipment in the house is damaged or not so that it can be repaired in time.
  • Washing machine, dryer, refrigerator : The noise of these appliances also makes many families feel uncomfortable. You can insulate sound by placing shock-absorbing cushions or sound-absorbing mats behind or under the washing machine. 

Cách âm máy giặt bằng thảm hút âm

  • Vacuum cleaner : Should choose a machine with noise level should not exceed 80 dB

Use personal protective equipment

If you have to work often in a high-noise environment, you should equip yourself with personal protective equipment such as earmuffs, earplugs, … to reduce the harmful effects of ambient noise.

In case, you have to live and work in an environment with a lot of noise, you should have a reasonable work and rest regime for your body to recover. because noise can easily stress you out. tired. You can regularly practice meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, or listen to your favorite music, … to help you feel more comfortable.

Hope this article helps you have more information about noise levels to easily choose to buy products that are capable of emitting noise!