Why soak feet? Instructions on how to make a foot bath to protect health

Foot bath is one of the methods that many people choose to take care of their body. So what are the benefits of them, how to make a foot bath? Let's find out more through the following article!


1 Why should you soak your feet?

The acupuncture points under the soles of the feet affect almost all parts and organs of the body. Soaking feet helps blood sugar transport in the body to be opened, regulate blood pressure, remove cold air (cold gas) and toxins. As a result, you avoid disease, sleep better and your feet are always healthy.

After soaking, you can massage your feet to increase the effect. If you feel the body is warm and slightly sweaty, it means that it has worked. In addition, you need to drink water (maybe while or after soaking your feet), especially ginger sugar water to keep your body warm.

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2 Instructions on how to make effective foot bath

Soak with salt

This is an extremely easy to find foot bath remedy that is surprisingly effective.

Salt water has the effect of stimulating blood circulation, increasing blood circulation, warming the body. Soaking feet in salt water for 15 minutes daily at night before going to bed makes the body relax and comfortable, relieves symptoms of cold hands and feet, prevents and soothes arthritis, and stimulates a good night's sleep.

Soak your feet in salt water, a very good folk remedy for health

If you are a busy person, do not have time to cook foot baths, using salt water is the perfect choice. Just mix 2 teaspoons of salt into 2 liters of warm water , less than 2 minutes you have a basin of warm water to soak your feet.

In addition, instead of using ordinary table salt to soak your feet, you can choose foot bath salts with Himalayan rock salt ingredients, or herbal foot salts available at pharmacies and supermarkets across the country. country.

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Soak your feet with ginger

In oriental medicine, ginger is spicy, warm, has the effect of detoxifying, warming the body. Soaking your feet in warm water and ginger helps to dilate blood vessels, increase blood circulation throughout the body, relieve joint pain, and help warm the body, especially in the cold winter. In addition, the pleasant aroma of ginger essential oil contributes to stress relief.

Ngâm chân với gừng

The way to make ginger foot soak is quite simple, you only need 100g of ginger with the skin on, washed, smashed with 2 liters of water . Boil water, add ginger, can add a teaspoon of white salt. Boil for another 5 minutes for the ginger essence to dissolve in the water and the salt to dissolve. Then, turn off the stove to cool to about 50 degrees Celsius , then pour out the tools to soak your feet.

If you are busy and do not have time to cook, you can smash the ginger, add boiling water to cool it down, then soak your feet or buy a pre-packed bottle of salted ginger foot soak at the pharmacy, just pour it out and mix it with warm water. enough for immediate use.

Recipe for foot bath with ginger

Do a foot bath 15-20 minutes a day at night before going to bed. Soak your feet in warm ginger water combined with the gentle scent of ginger to help your body relax, relax, and release your spirit to make you sleep better.

Soak feet with lemongrass

Lemongrass is a plant with many essential oils. Especially the scent from lemongrass essential oil is very gentle and pleasant. Soaking feet with lemongrass water every day makes the body relax, comfortable, and improves sleep. In addition, soaking feet with lemongrass also contributes to preventing and reducing the symptoms of foot odor.

Recipe for foot bath with lemongrass

To cook lemongrass foot bath, you need to prepare 2 liters of water, 5 lemongrass branches and a teaspoon of salt. You smash lemongrass, then put it in a pot of water, add salt and boil for about 5 minutes for the essence of lemongrass to dissolve into the water. Then turn off the stove to cool down to about 50 degrees Celsius and then pour out a tool to soak your feet.

Ngâm chân với sả

Soak with essential oils, herbs,…

You can soak your feet in combination with a variety of herbal essential oils. Each type has certain effects. For example, wormwood essential oil helps soothe pain and effectively fight foot odor. In addition, foot bath with essential oils can prevent some diseases related to foot dew.

You buy and choose for yourself the right essential oils, prepare cassava essential oil. Then put about 2 liters of water into the soaking tub. Add about 10-15 drops of essential oil. After 5 minutes until the water is warm enough to soak your feet.

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Above is how to mix water to soak your feet to protect your health that Dien May XANH shares with you. Wish you have relaxing moments when soaking your feet to get better every day!