12+ Affordable yet Elegant Lunar New Year Gifts

As the new year approaches, time flies by quickly. During this Tet holiday, everyone is busy searching for meaningful gifts to give to friends, family, and colleagues - gifts that are both affordable and elegant. Let's explore our suggestions together.


The New Year gift represents the sentiments and feelings of the giver towards the recipient, while also wishing them a prosperous and auspicious New Year. The following 12+ gift ideas will help you avoid the worry of what to give while still being mindful of your budget.

1 Tet gift box

Elegant Tet gift box

Nowadays, with the development of society and busy lives, many people choose pre-packaged Tet gift boxes to give to colleagues, friends, and family members. The Tet gift box is abundantly filled with wine, confectionaries, …,

With its eye-catching red and gold colors, a gift box carries the meaning of good fortune, good health, and luck. The price is also not too high, only around 200,000 VND or more for one box. Besides, Tet gifts are also packaged in baskets for convenience.

If you don’t have much time to think about what to give, this is the optimal choice.

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2 Tea

10 affordable yet elegant Tet gift ideas

There is a saying in Vietnam: “Guests who come to the house should be offered tea or wine.” Tea is still considered essential on Tet days. It is a time for people to reminisce about the past, talk about what has happened in the previous year, and express their hopes for the new year.

Tea is a suitable gift for older people such as grandparents, uncles, and aunts. It not only shows care, but also represents the feelings of younger generations towards their elders, making it perfect for the beginning of the new year.

Nowadays, tea is not only made from tea leaves, but also produced in various forms such as tea bags, instant tea, … with prices starting from only 200,000 VND for a box. It is affordable and meaningful.

3 Tet tea set

10 affordable yet elegant Tet gift ideas

If you already have tea for Tet, a beautiful and luxurious tea set is a must-have. If drinking tea is for contemplation, making promises, and thinking about the future, then a tea set symbolizes the good things that everyone hopes for in the new year.

Although it is a simple gift, it carries meaning and has high practical value. The tea set is not only for display during Tet, but can also be used daily. It can be given to friends, colleagues, and on the first day of the new year.

4 Banh chung – Banh tet

10 affordable yet elegant Tet gift ideas

No Tet is complete without traditional Banh chung – Banh tet. Giving Banh chung – Banh tet as a gift shows care and connection. Especially if you use them to offer or give to your neighbors. This will make your neighbors feel respected, loved, and bonded with each other.

So don’t hesitate to give your neighbors some homemade Banh chung – Banh tet. They will really appreciate it.

5 Red wine

10 affordable yet elegant Tet gift ideas

No New Year is complete without toasting with a glass of wine. The recipient will surely be delighted to receive a bottle of red wine on Tet day. The red color of wine serves as a wish for good luck and prosperity.

Not only does it carry deep meaning, but red wine also brings an elegant and sophisticated vibe, making it a perfect choice for a Tet gift. In particular, it is a great choice for giving to your boss. For example, a bottle of red wine Bertani costs about 700,000 VND.

Or there are some cheaper options, starting from around 400,000 VND, still of high quality, such as Chile Morales red wine and Saint Raymond French red wine. It seems like a suitable gift for homeowners!

6 Beer, soft drinks

10 affordable yet elegant Tet gift ideas

If you find it difficult to think of what to give on Tet, you can always choose beer or soft drinks as gifts. These are simple, affordable, and almost everyone loves them.

During Tet, it is customary to offer guests soft drinks, beer, or wine to wish them a happy Tet. Giving beer and soft drinks as a way to join in the celebration with the homeowner also adds depth to the relationship. It is suitable for giving to close friends.

There are many types of beer on the market with good prices, starting from around 300,000 VND, such as …, …, …, …, … So feel free to choose the type of beer you want to give.

7 Fruit tray

10 affordable yet elegant Tet gift ideas

Nowadays, fruits used for Tet are not just for display on the ancestral altar, but they also have a high aesthetic value. Many places decorate fruits or carve words representing good luck, prosperity, … on them. When you use these fruits as gifts, they are not only polite and elegant, but also convey your wishes to the recipient.

8 Calligraphy art

10 affordable yet elegant Tet gift ideas

“Meat, lard, pickled onions, and red couplets” – It is not a coincidence that Vietnamese people have this saying on Tet days. People often like couplets that convey the meaning of luck, prosperity, good health, … This is not only expressed through words but is even more meaningful if preserved in calligraphy art.

Although it is a simple gift, it carries a distinct Vietnamese cultural identity and is a convenient way to decorate homes, making it suitable for giving to family, friends, and colleagues on Tet days.

9 Ornamental plants

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We often see that as Tet approaches, there are plants and flowers everywhere. Everyone is buying at least one pot of plants for their home. Ornamental plants and flowers not only bring a Tet atmosphere but also bring luck to the homeowner as they enter the new year.

So if you are planning to give a gift to someone on Tet, ornamental plants will surely be the top choice. Colorful plants such as apricot, peach, kumquat, … or plants that represent good health like Vạn Thọ are very suitable to give on the first day of the new year. The price is only about 300,000 – 500,000 VND for a small flower pot.

10 Various nuts

Various nutsVarious nuts

Tet gift boxes with delicious and nutritious nuts are becoming increasingly popular. These meaningful gifts provide practical benefits for health.

Some nutritious nuts that you can choose as gifts include: …, …, …, …, …, …

11 Feng shui gifts

10 affordable yet elegant Tet gift ideas

Feng shui gifts are considered a way to show sincere feelings. These gifts can include engraved zodiac animal stones, stone elements that match the owner’s destiny (metal, wood, water, fire, earth), dragon and phoenix, lucky bamboo, … With prices starting from around 200,000 VND, they are quite reasonable.

These items show that the giver is observant and attentive and wishes for good luck and prosperity for the recipient. This gift is suitable for giving to family members.

12 Local specialties

 Local specialties Local specialties

Giving gifts of local specialties always carries a deep meaning. Although local specialty gifts may be simple, they reflect your feelings towards the recipient. These local delicacies bring the flavors of home and are suitable as gifts for the upcoming traditional Tet.

13 Healthy food

 Healthy food Healthy food

Entering a new year means entering a new age. Health becomes more important as we grow older. Giving healthy and nutritious food as gifts to grandparents, parents, uncles, aunts, … shows a thoughtful concern for their health. This gift will surely make adults very happy.

Note: You need to determine the recipient’s zodiac sign and avoid certain types to buy the right gift. People believe that feng shui objects affect their fortune, so choosing the wrong one can have negative consequences.

Above are gift ideas for Tet. You can consider choosing the one that suits your budget and the recipient. However, the essence of giving gifts still lies in the sincerity, so it doesn’t have to be too complicated.

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