30+ Humorous and Witty Flirty Statuses and Captions for Tanabata Festival (7/7)

From gifting red bean desserts for love to exchanging sweet messages, discover the different ways people commemorate the Chinese Valentine's Day, otherwise known as the Qixi Festival. Take a look at some of the most romantic and humorous status updates that are shared to celebrate this special day.


The Seventh Day Ceremony, also known as the Ceremony of Mr. Nau Mrs. Nau in Vietnamese, provides a great opportunity for individuals to express their feelings to their crushes. Take advantage of this special occasion by using these flirting statuses and captions with humor.

1 Flirting Statuses and Captions for Your Boyfriend on the Seventh Day

As a girl, there may be times when you want to confess your feelings to your boyfriend but hesitate. However, dear girl, be brave, because you never know, he may have feelings for you too.

On the occasion of the Seventh Day, use these statuses and captions to flirt with him:

1. The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl only meet once a year on the Seventh Day. Do you want us to meet every day?

2. No rain on the Seventh Day, do you miss me? Let’s go on a date.

3. The sun has a hat, the rain has an umbrella, and the cold has medicine. But on this Seventh Day, I’m still lonely.

4. It’s the Seventh Day, the sky is pouring down, why haven’t you poured yourself into me?

5. It’s the Seventh Day, I want to eat red bean dessert to express my feelings for you!

6. If there are storms out there, come to me.

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Status, caption for flirting with your boyfriend on the Seventh Day
Status, caption for flirting with your boyfriend on the Seventh Day

7. I heard you like drinking tea. My house has a teapot, do you have a cup?

8. Blue sky, white clouds. Do you love the sun or do you love me?

9. How does he walk? He falls into my heart five times seven times.

10. The handsome guy belongs to romantic novels. But you only belong to me.

11. You said you like rainy weather, then I’m Summer. You said you like something exotic. Yes, I’m here.

12. I intentionally dropped my heart, but you didn’t catch it. Unintentionally, it became our destiny.

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2 Flirting Statuses and Captions for Your Girlfriend on the Seventh Day

Boys love with their eyes, while girls love with their ears. If you want to date her, start with sweet and loving words.

The Seventh Day only comes once a year, so take this opportunity to flirt with her using sweet words. Try some of the following statuses and captions:

13. My love, I’m not the Cowherd, and you’re not the Weaver Girl. So why don’t we promise to meet each other at least once?

14. Hey! My household registration is still empty, can you move in and live with me?

15. Do you know why my skin is dark? Because I’ve been busy admiring your sunny smile.

16. Good boys are known for being faithful. You’re a perfect example.

17. A boyfriend wants to compete with his girlfriend on the Seventh Day.

Status, caption for flirting with your girlfriend on the Seventh Day
Status, caption for flirting with your girlfriend on the Seventh Day

18. An earthquake happened so that I can be the highlight of your life.

19. I may not have good looks or talent, but I am faithful. Are you willing to marry me?

20. No one can count the leaves in the forest. No one can advise me to stop loving you.

21. The vast sea and sky are our home. But finding a place in your heart feels too far away…

22. Today, I fell in love with life. Can I say “I love you” to you?

23. If you love me, don’t lie. My mom said lying is bad.

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3 Funny Flirting Poems for the Seventh Day

If you’ve already tried using statuses and captions but the person still hasn’t fallen for you, why not try using funny flirting poems? Along with sweet words, let’s add some humor to your sentences.

This Seventh Day is a great opportunity for people to express their feelings to each other. If sweet words feel too shy or difficult to say, let’s communicate through funny and sincere poems. Use these poems:

25. The Seventh Day
Red beans for breakfast
Tofu pudding for lunch
A full stomach in the afternoon
Eating you for dinner.

26. Eating a bowl of red bean dessert
With a green-colored rice ball
I bet you didn’t know
That I’m really into you.

27. No rain on the Seventh Day
Do you have a girlfriend?
Let me court you.

28. No rain on the Seventh Day
Blue sky, white clouds
I’m not drunk on sunshine, I want to say “I love you” to you.

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Funny flirting poems for the Seventh Day
Funny flirting poems for the Seventh Day

29. I painted a blue sky
You painted red roses
Come here, whisper to me
I really like you.

30. A small goldfish
Forever in a blue bowl
Everything is unclear
But I remember you.

31. I only remember you.
Sunset is purple
But I like pink
My heart is still empty
Do you want to come in?

32. Banyan tree, water dock, yard.
I’m eating red bean dessert, still alone, oh dear.

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Above are the 30+ best and funniest statuses and captions for flirting on the Seventh Day. Hopefully, they will help you win over the person you love. Don’t forget to check out our other articles on love and relationships.