Convenient E-wallet Red Envelopes: Sacrificing Meaning for Ease

Giving out lucky money at the beginning of the year is a traditional custom, a beautiful cultural characteristic of the East, with the desire to bring lots of luck to everyone in the new year.


Red envelope or mung tuoi is a beautiful tradition passed down from generation to generation. Although the way of celebrating New Year and Tet has changed somewhat, this tradition is still preserved and remains an integral part of the Vietnamese people.

New year red envelope

1Red envelopes via electronic wallets

Not unfamiliar, with the development of technology, users nowadays don’t need to use cash and can still give red envelopes to celebrate New Year to their loved ones or friends through the online red envelope feature from electronic wallet services.


The three most popular apps nowadays are:

ZaloPay: you just need to open the Zalo pay app, then select the “giving red envelope” feature

Prepare red envelopes by entering the number of red envelopes, the total amount of money, a wish, and choose the payment method. Finally, choose the recipient in the address book to give the red envelope to.

More information: to prepare red envelopes for family members and friends

Red envelope via Zalopay

Momo: You can choose to give red envelopes on the main MoMo screen, select the “give red envelope” category

then select the recipient, enter the amount of money you want to give, and finally confirm the payment

Red envelope via Momo

VinID: First, you have to top up money into the VinID app, then select the “giving red envelope” category on the VinID app, choose to give the red envelope and enter the recipient’s phone number, and then enter the amount of money you want to send.

Red envelope via Vin ID

So, we can quickly give red envelopes to family members and friends.

More information: Connect people together, express affection, hope for a warm new year

2Red envelopes and celebrating New Year via electronic wallets are convenient but lose the meaning of the red envelope tradition

With the form of giving red envelopes through electronic wallets, you will give red envelopes quickly with just a few steps, saving a lot of time and preparation effort. No need for cash.

Red envelope tradition

However, words, eye contact, gestures are the body language of each of us to convey love, that’s why giving each other green red envelopes, red red envelopes, New Year wishes for prosperity, smooth work, and abundant health… will create unity among family members and between people.

This is something that electronic wallets cannot do. So, giving red envelopes and celebrating New Year via electronic wallets is convenient but loses the meaning of the red envelope tradition.

Society is developing but traditional cultural beauty needs to be preserved and promoted

Society is developing but traditional cultural beauty needs to be preserved and promoted, so that these beautiful traits are passed down and become the assets of each Vietnamese person.

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