Creative Ways Moms Share for Reusing Expensive Baby Bottles

If you have unused baby bottles lying around, you can find inspiration on how to repurpose these expensive items through the online community. Check out the article below for various creative ways moms have shared to reuse baby bottles.


Baby bottles are one of the essential items for infants, always on the shopping list of every breastfeeding mother. Bottles may need to be constantly replaced due to the baby’s rapid growth, refusal to feed, or even just because they look nice.

For those bottles that are no longer used for their intended purpose, mothers can repurpose them in the following ways.

1Reuse the bottles as food containers

There are many breastfeeding mothers who invest in expensive bottles for their babies, costing up to millions of dong, but when they are no longer used, they don’t know what to do with them. We would like to suggest some ways that many breastfeeding mothers reuse them as food containers.

Reuse bottles as containers for favorite milk tea or coffee

Reuse bottles as containers for baby food

2Reuse the bottles for storage

Not only can the bottles be reused as food containers as mentioned above, but mothers can also use them to store small items in the house such as hair ties, pins, clips, or simply use them for planting small plants, which is also very suitable.

Reuse bottles as storage containers or rice scoops

Reuse bottles as plant pots or needle holders

In addition to the suggested reuse methods above, mothers can be flexible in using used bottles for various purposes that are suitable for their families!

Those are some suggestions for breastfeeding mothers on how to reuse their baby bottles when no longer in use. We hope that the above information is helpful to you!

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