Home Cleaning Tips for Removing Stains from Porcelain and Ceramics

Keep your porcelain ceramics looking fresh and clean with these easy tips! Whether it’s dishes, bowls or something else, porcelain can be restored to its original beauty with the proper care. Learn how to preserve your porcelain ceramics for a long time to come.


Why Do Dishes Become Yellow?

Porcelain dishes in your home can become yellow due to improper cleaning, allowing dirt to accumulate over time and form unattractive yellow stains. Dark-colored foods like curry, beetroot soup, and turmeric dishes can make the stains even darker and more difficult to remove. Additionally, dishes left untouched in cabinets or drawers for extended periods can attract insects, leading to yellow stains on the surface of the dishes.

Stains that stick for a long time will make the porcelain dishes become yellow

Stains that stick for a long time will make the porcelain dishes become yellow

How to Clean Stains on Porcelain at Home


Toothpaste can effectively clean stains on porcelain dishes due to its abrasive, whitening, and foaming properties. Start by soaking the stained dishes in warm water for about 5 minutes. Then, apply toothpaste to a brush, scrub the surface of the dishes, and rinse with clean water. This will restore the brightness of your porcelain dishes.

Use toothpaste to remove stains on porcelain dishes

Toothpaste is very effective in removing stains on porcelain dishes

Vinegar and Salt

A mixture of vinegar and salt can effectively whiten and clean yellowed dishes. Mix vinegar and salt together, then use a brush to apply the mixture to the surface of the stained dishes. After 5 minutes, gently brush the dishes to remove stains and rinse with water.

Use vinegar and salt

Use vinegar and salt, a strong cleaning mixture, to quickly clean yellow stains

Rice Water

Rice water, which contains rice bran, is an effective ingredient for whitening porcelain dishes. Soak the dishes in rice water for 10 minutes, then gently scrub the surface with a sponge or toothbrush. The yellow stains will easily come off, leaving your dishes shiny and clean.

Use rice water

Rice water helps whiten and restore shine to porcelain dishes

Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds have antibacterial properties and abrasive particles that effectively remove stains on porcelain dishes. Rub an even amount of coffee grounds on the surface of the dishes, repeating the process until stubborn stains are gone. Rinse thoroughly with water and wipe the dishes with a soft cloth.

Use coffee grounds

Use coffee grounds to effectively clean stubborn yellow stains

With the above instructions, you can effectively clean your porcelain dishes. Feel free to share your own cleaning methods with us!