How to Get Ready for the Tet Holiday Celebrations in Vietnam

This Tet season, make your home extra special and festive with the aid of XANH Electronics! Get ready to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for your family and friends with their useful tips and tools. Discover the importance of pre-Tet preparations and start sprucing up now!


Lau dẹp bàn thảo gia tiến lợi của nền tảng huy động ý tưởng

The ancestral altar holds significant reverence within every family, serving as a solemn and cherished space. It is deemed the spiritual channel connecting the present existence with the divine realm.

The ancestral altar holds the utmost reverence and importance within the household. Consequently, it necessitates daily cleaning to maintain its sanctity and cleanliness. During Tet holidays, the altar must undergo a thorough cleaning, with items meticulously arranged and embellished to warmly welcome the ancestors back and celebrate Tet with their descendants.

Ancestor's altar is a place that needs to be cleaned and tidied up with the intention of welcoming grandparents back home for Tet with descendants

Ancestor’s altar should be cleaned and tidy before Tet to welcome grandparents back home with descendants.

Please be aware that certain items on the altar are in need of replacement and cleaning.

  • Altar Picture: To clean the altar picture, gently wipe it with a damp cloth and then dry it thoroughly with a clean, dry cloth.
  • Incense Cleaning Service: We specialize in meticulously cleaning incense burners, removing all accumulated dirt and residue. Our expert team also replaces the sand in incense burners, ensuring a fresh and clean burn.
  • Bronze Gongs

    Experience the mesmerizing sounds of our bronze gongs. Our expert musicians will skillfully play the gongs, creating a captivating atmosphere. Additionally, we offer a selection of high-quality bronze gongs for purchase, so you can replace your old ones with new ones. Elevate your musical journey with our exquisite collection of bronze gongs.

  • Flower Vase Maintenance:

    To ensure a pristine and presentable appearance, it is imperative to clean and scrub the flower vase thoroughly. Moreover, it is crucial to replace the flowers on the altar with fresh ones regularly. This practice guarantees the perpetual freshness of the flowers during Tet, while also mitigating withering and potential water contamination.

  • Fruit Basket: Fresh and Carefully Maintained

    Our fruit baskets are meticulously crafted to ensure that the fruits remain fresh and free from spoilage. We take great care in selecting the finest fruits for our customers. To guarantee the highest level of quality, we recommend replacing the fruits every three days for a continuous supply of freshness. Start the new year on a prosperous note with our vibrant and delicious fruit baskets.

Note some objects during the process of cleaning the ancestral altar

Note some objects during the process of cleaning the ancestral altar

Organizing the Kitchen Cabinets and Cupboards

Preparing the kitchen is essential to create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere for the whole family during the Lunar New Year celebrations. While regular cleaning and tidying are part of our daily routine, it is crucial to go the extra mile to ensure a thorough and meticulous cleaning of the kitchen. By doing so, we can welcome the Lunar New Year with joy and positivity.

Regularly inspect and maintain your kitchen cabinet, which serves as a convenient storage space for your food. It is important to promptly identify any abnormal alterations and promptly dispose of any expired items.

The spice jars require washing, drying, and refilling to the appropriate level for their use during the Tet holidays. Any cracked or broken jars should be discarded and replaced.

cleaning kitchen cabinets

Clean the cupboard and kitchen cabinet, and consider replacing any cracked or broken bowls

Whether you’re celebrating the Lunar New Year or simply looking to refresh your collection, it’s important to consider the condition of your chopsticks. Over time, they can become worn, scratched, discolored, or lose their aesthetic appeal. To maintain the elegance of your table setting, it may be wise to invest in a set of new chopsticks.

Fried bamboo chopsticks DMX DC001-01
Fried bamboo chopsticks DMX DC001-01 being sold at Điện máy XANH

B? 10 dôi dua tre DMX KZ1012-10



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  • DMX – Vietnam

    DMX – Vietnam

    DMX – Vietnam is our exclusive, reliable brand.

Xem chi ti?t

School Gets Brightened Up With Newly Painted Gates, Doors, and Windows

During the Lunar New Year, it is a tradition for families to thoroughly clean all doors, regardless of size, even if they are already regularly cleaned. This practice symbolizes the hopeful anticipation of good luck and blessings, as well as the welcoming of prosperity and fortune. It is believed that having clean and tidy house doors during this auspicious time brings about positive energy and blessings for the year ahead.

The gate is subject to continuous exposure to sunlight and rain, resulting in inevitable fading. To conveniently repaint the gate, door, and window, it is necessary to use safe equipment that allows for easy access to the top.

Choose bright paint colors to refresh the gate

Choose bright paint colors to refresh the space in the family

During the spring season, it is customary to cleanse the main entrance door, back door, and windows by applying water or wiping them. This traditional practice aims to eliminate dirt and symbolically rid oneself of any past troubles and worries associated with the previous year. By doing so, it is believed that one can usher in good fortune and prosperity for the upcoming new year.

Clean, paint new doors, gates, windows

Ensure your home always maintains its brightness by cleaning the glass with a suitable cleaning solution.

Cách s?p x?p l?i Qu?n áo 4D

During the Tet holidays, it is common to purchase new clothing. As a result, it is important to take the opportunity to organize your wardrobe by setting aside items that are worn less frequently or are no longer being worn.

Please proceed to the next step by organizing the wardrobe. Ensure to thoroughly examine the items for any signs of mold or rodent damage. If any such items are found, promptly handle and dispose of them appropriately.

Using a dryer is a highly recommended solution for maintaining cleanliness and saving time during Tet. Not only does it offer numerous benefits, such as effectively eliminating bacteria and allergens, but it also ensures clothes are free from uncomfortable creases, wrinkles, and damp spots resulting from prolonged storage in closets.

Cleaning up my family’s wardrobe

Clean up my family's wardrobe

By organizing and classifying clothes, we can make the wardrobe tidy and create more space for new items

Các Bài Sofa và Giường Son Phù Hợp Với Bàn Ghế

Keeping the indoor furniture set clean is paramount to providing a comfortable and inviting space for guests to relax and unwind. One effective method is to regularly clean the outer cover of the sofa cushion. By utilizing this approach, you can easily maintain a clean and fresh environment for everyone to enjoy.

To ensure a sparkling floor before Tet, leverage our range of cleaning solutions, including mops, brooms, and vacuum cleaners, to maintain the brightness and cleanliness of your house.

Máy hút bụi đứng hộp Samsung VC18M21M0VN/SV-N

Dùng để vệ sinh sofa sạch sẽ vào dịp Tết

Preparing Electrical Appliances for the Tet Holiday with 6Check, Repair and Cleaning

Expert Shares Tips on How to Check and Repair Electronic Devices

Please thoroughly check the household power supply to ensure there is sufficient electricity for use, especially during Tet when many devices will be in use. If the electricity is unstable and prone to cutting off, consider utilizing additional power sources to prevent accidents that may result from overloading.

Ki?m tra ngu?n di?n s? d?ng

This device is equipped with additional equipment to ensure a stable power supply for your household.

Inspecting Electrical Equipment for Proper Maintenance

Please note that there are no specific HTML elements in the given content. However, I have rewritten it to make it sound more professional and coherent:

“During the Tet holiday, it is customary for families to indulge in a variety of traditional dishes to celebrate the occasion. Some popular Tet holiday foods include bánh tét, bánh chung, various kinds of preserved sweets, braised pork with eggs, and northern-style braised pork (for northern families). These delicacies are enjoyed throughout the festive period, providing a delightful culinary experience for all.”

Ki?m tra t? l?nh dang s? d?ng

The air conditioner is a crucial device that requires careful inspection. If you haven’t cleaned it in a while, it is highly recommended to have a technician come and perform a thorough cleaning. This will ensure that your family can continue to enjoy a cool and comfortable environment.

Ki?m tra máy l?nh dang s? d?ng

Perform a thorough inspection of the functioning of other electrical devices in the house, such as [list of devices], to promptly address any issues by repairing or replacing any damaged parts. Following this, ensure proper cleanliness and organization to prepare for the Lunar New Year festivity.

When cleaning a refrigerator or television, it is advisable to wear gloves for safety and to maintain cleanliness of the equipment. Be cautious and avoid touching any unnecessary wires or parts.

V? sinh tivi

Gang tay cao su lót cotton size L Scotch Brite



Contact Information

Contact Information

Name John Doe
Email [email protected]
Phone +1 123-456-780

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  • This product is crafted from 100% natural rubber and offers a delightful lemon fragrance when used.

  • The inner layer is composed of 100% cotton, ensuring a comfortable fit and superior sweat absorption, promoting dry and cool hands.
  • Gloves are an essential tool for protecting the skin against direct contact with chemicals during household tasks such as washing dishes and cleaning toilets.
  • The gloves are designed with patterns and designs on the exterior to enhance grip and prevent slippage while handling objects.
  • Scotch Brite is a well-established brand, owned by the renowned American company 3M, and proudly manufactured in the beautiful country of Sri Lanka.

Xem chi ti?t

Before the Tet holiday, it is important to clean and inspect the following items to ensure a lucky and prosperous start to the new year. May you and your family enjoy a warm, fortunate, and harmonious Tet holiday.

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